Feb 1-2, May 1-2, and Nov 23-24, 2014 – workshop: The healing power of hands

Some experiences of participants enrolled in the workshop ‘Le pouvoir bénéfique des mains’ (‘The healing power of hands’) taught in French.

Antoinette Kicq Stichelmans

Antoinette Kicq – 01/05/2013

–  What was in general your experience during the courses of subtle energies?

The practice brought me a welcoming and comfortable listening ear, a trustful climate, a detachment, a meeting, a coming home to myself, an affinity with this comfort.

It also brought me a surprise, an emergence, a state of healthy astonishment.

What do you think this brought you in the daily life? 

This brought me more groundedness, safety, a new dimension of time, a pleasure of slowness, more conscious moments, less distraction, and on another side more testimonies of truth from my entourage who often destabilized me.

This brought me new friendships as well.

What did develop by exercising the regular practice? 

I developped a small security, a small independency, I built a hope. I built a displacement, a possibility of peace.

How could we even better satisfy your needs? (which and how)  

You could even better satisfy my needs by making available to me an audio reminder of the practice in order to permit me to align daily. (I remember there were some CDs to sell at the end of the workshop, unfortunately I haven’t been able to understand the scope of granted benefaction yet and I haven’t bought it).

You also satisfy my needs by permitting me, as you do through the Tuesday’s meeting, a regular practice and a deepening of the practice.

As well if a place becomes available to permit me to register  to the session of the training 2013-2014

How would you describe the content and impact of the courses to people who don’t know this work?

This is a simple, deep psychic and physical work of self-reconnection, self-reminder, a return to a powerful and unfamiliar source.

This is a powerful corporal and mental exercise of putting away the ego, of facilitation, of emergence of sincere love

This is a work of realization, wonder, surprise, annihilation and despair.

The impact is salutary, I received a sort of cleaning, I feel more solid, with in my possession a new inexhaustible and amazing knowledge.

Antoinette Kicq Stichelmans

 Translated from French into English by Hélène Déom

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