Bio-energetic integration is …

Bioenergetics is a therapeutic approach that combines work with the body and the mind to help people resolve their emotional difficulties and conflicts, and realize their potential for pleasure in life, enhancing health in body and mind.

Alexander Lowen has argued that posture and body language are among the essential tools of psychotherapy. He found that conventional psychotherapy failed in this regard. He used five character structures described in his standard work: “The language of the Body”. The theory of bioenergetics is part of the basis for emotional bodywork and body-oriented psychotherapy.

John Pierrakos expanded bioenergetics with observations from modern physics combined with bodywork from bio-energetics and the conceptual vision of the pathwork of his wife Eva Pierrakos. His standard work, entitled Core Energetics, takes the healthy, creative and spiritual core of every person as a starting point. The core from which life energy, love and pleasure flow, which gives impulses for growth and development as a person, from their own truth. The intention is to re-open this core together with gaining insight into how patterns can close the core.

The 5 caracter structures

  1. Schizoid Character Structure
  2. Oral Character Structure
  3. Psychopathic Character Structure
  4. Masochistic Character Structure
  5. Rigid Character Structure

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