Guided Meditation – Basics & More

What is Integral Presence?  Integral Presence can be seen both as a practice and as a result.

As a result, Integral Presence means living one’s full potential in a natural flow with oneself, others and the world in both professional and in personal life. “Being in IP” is living every single moment experience with integral awareness while mindfully evolving forward in life. It is the art of living life fully and consciously.

As a method, Integral Presence is a range of concepts and techniques to acquire the art of living life fully and consciously. We would be using mindfulness, body scan, conscious breathing, grounding, mind balancing, alignment, the neutral observer … just to name a few.

People who have attended Integral Presence guided meditations or have received IP coaching sessions have reported to have experienced:

  • More productivity
  • Stress reduction
  • Shifting tiredness into calm replenishment
  • Clearer ideas
  • Improved working relationships
  • Well-being at work
  • Having a stronger sense of safety in relating
  • More ease in preventing conflicts
  • Increase in efficiency
  • A better team atmosphere



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Jan Janssen

Integral presence and mindfulness

The paper here below aims at clarifying what mindfulness and Integral Presence (IP) are and how they relate to and differ from, each other.

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