5. Psychological integration is …

  1. … bringing all our psychological activity into the light of lucid awareness while
  2. accompanying its natural evolution into the next level of elevation and toward
  3. a harmonious integration of all aspects and dimensions of our mind into
  4. one coherently unified and positively emancipated psyche.

The ultimate practice is contemplating all our psychological activity in the pure Light of our Neutral Observer. This very advanced stage psychological integration is not accessible for everyone and therefor psycho analysis, healing and many variations of psychotherapy can be useful stepping stones towards the practice of advanced contemplation.

Along the way toward psychological emancipation, several domains and stages may be encountered.

  • The gradual awakening of the 5 dimension of the psyche
    1. Physical mind
    2. Functional ego
    3. Soul
    4. Spirit
    5. Being
  • Developing, clarifying and harmonizing each of the dimensions
    1. grow awareness
    2. clarify true needs
    3. creatively fulfilling true needs
  • Interdimensional integration
    • physical mind – functional ego
    • functional ego – soul
    • soul – spirit
    • spirit – being
  • Unification – Being
    • the unification of all the emancipated dimensions is much more then the sum of each specific dimension
    • authentic living

Numerous practices support aspects of psychological integration.

Some practices support the total integration of our psychological activity.

  • Integral Presence
  • integral yoga
  • pathwork
  • the eight limbs of yoga (yoga sutras of Patanjali)
  • vajrayana

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