4. Physical integration is …

A good practice in the three basic elements (mindfulness, alignment, and breathing) may give rise to, or at least supports, a good practice in physical integration, … and vice versa.

  • Mindfulness supports more body awareness and body intelligence
  • Alignement stimulates good postural integration, physical self care, health, and good coordination
  • Breathing enhances vitality, health, and dynamism

Physical integration is cultivating excellent self-care for the physical body and to integrate this physical self-care in the perfect proportion into the larger care of all 21 aspects of IP, in other words into integral care.

These are exemples of practices that support physical integration:

  • listening to the body
  • yoga
  • sports in a balanced and mindful way
  • physical hygiene
  • healthy eating and drinking habits
  • avoiding harm, injury, accidents and overtaxing the body
  • avoiding harmful substances
  • balance activity and rest, wakefulness and sleep
  • walking, exercise
  • contact with nature
  • dance, movement
  • deepening body awareness
  • health care
  • body therapies

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