Mind integration in the 5 dimensions

The Mind Integration is essentially the same in each of the 5 dimensions of the human psyche, yet their fields of application diverse strongly as they each cover a distinct segment of the total spectrum of human consciousness.

The 5 dimensions of the human psyche and the 3 mind faculties:

dimension reason will emotion
Physical mind physical reflexes, instinctual thought patterns, body intelligence, self image based on physical appearance and physical sensations survival instinct, instinctual reflexes, body coordination, physical force, libido, striving for homeostasis, taking/ giving, absorbing/expulsion physical pleasure/pain, physical gratification/frustration, physical sensations/experiences, sensuous sentience, basic emotions
Functional ego linear conventional worldview, logistical thinking, practical knowledge, common sense, self-image based on practical skill wanting to get things done, executing logistical plans, skillfulness through practice, decision making, commitment, desiring/rejecting, giving/receiving, grabbing/ denying, clinging/ abandoning satisfaction/frustration of getting things done/not done, pleasure/pain of success/failure, confidence/fear, basic and complex personal emotions, basic social emotions
Soul non-linear experiential worldview, relational and context thinking, searching and giving meaning to life, self-image based on context-membership-status-role in family/work/society seeking-fulfilling purpose in life, soul’s desires, connecting-disconnecting, resisting-surrendering, opening-closing, bonding-withdrawing, leading-following, (dis)engaging, merging / isolating, holding/containing, conscious / unconscious loyalties love, empathie, compassion, euphoria/depression, fulfillment/missing, human love and its variations and deviations, basic and complex social emotions
Spirit contemplation, seeking truth, self-image based on Self-realization and cosmic citizenship, visionary, design, quest for beauty and eternal values, archetypal knowledge (dis)believing, Self-expression, creative action, fusion, uniting, praise, give thanks, pray, honor, worship, selecting-adopting-adapting-rejecting commitments passion, ecstacy, joy, rejoicing, gratitude, universal love, happiness, excitement, ravishment, universal emotions
Being essential knowledge, wisdom, neutral perceiving and knowing of reality, pure truth active and passive principles of action and letting go are pristinely integrated in the spontaneous expression of authentic living from pure goodness peace, harmony, bliss, joy, tranquility, calm, content, fulfillment, radiance, fullness, delight, oneness, pure beauty


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