Mind integration is …

The mind has 3 main faculties :

  1. Wanting  (will)
  2. Feeling (emotion)
  3. Thinking  (reason)

which lead their to their 3 corresponding manifestations: 1) action, 2) experience and 3) thought processes, respectively.

The goal of mind integration is to awaken, develop, integrate and harmonize the three main faculties of the mind which are reason, will and emotion.

In an ideally harmoniously functioning mind, these three faculties operate impeccably with pristine clarity, in accurate proportion, in exact order, in fluent synchronization, with flawless mutual coordination, and in perfect balance as an adequate response to inner and outer present moment conditions and circumstances.

In the human personality there are usually one or two mind faculties that dominate over the other(s). This makes up for the three basic personality types: the reason type, the feeling type and the will type, in addition to other subdivisions.

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