Our team

A team of accredited practitioners is at your disposal for a variety of services that are deeply rooted in Integral Presence. A solid foundation in IP is not something that comes overnight. It is the fruit of several years of a firm commitment to self-transformation on several levels. It is a journey that actually never ends because, with each level of growth, the horizon of learning becomes wider. With each level of growth, a new degree of the unconstructed radiance of IP emerges naturally from within. It is more of a realization than it is a method. And this inner presence holds empowering support for a plurality of services in a diversity of domains.

The following helpers have proven a sustained vigor in their personal journey of self-transformation in this multidimensional context. As it is impossible to imitate authentic presence, each and every one of them has become a distinctive example of Integral Presence. They have taken Integral Presence on as a lifestyle and they consider self-realization more as a journey than as a goal. They each have a unique style, their unique approach and their own particular domain in which they bring IP into practical service for others … and for you, if you so desire.


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