Relational cords and ancestral healing

Elisabeth Wörter

3rd June 2011

Dear Jan !

It was for me , too , a true pleasure to learn and transform various things on a deep level in this short time.
First of all it was an amazing impact on my system to work with the different view of the chakras you shared from your vision and work.
It resonates a lot with my experiences, and your clear vision of the 4 dimensional chakra helped me now to use and integrate it into my work. My whole system and the various impact on my defenses and stages of the veil can be tracked with that awareness so much faster and more effortless. The healing out of the core within each cahkra is wonderful !!! I am totally thankful for that.
Your presence was a pleasure and true inspiration to be with. It is still touching to look and feel your focused, precise and yet heartily and empathic way to relate in the here and now.
I am learning a lot from just being in the awareness and harmonic induction of a field. You were able to create a good and stable, safe container for this work, even if I am honestly doubted at the beginning if we need already for the introduction of ourselves so much time, where could this be going with the whole seminar ??? 😉 But at least I was really impressed by the precise and focused way further on in your teaching the various topics. It was really good to understand , to follow and to sink deeper into. My congratulations ! I never experienced your teaching qualities in this grounded way before.
The ancestor healing gave me a tremendous shift in my energy field, which I had to digest the days after the workshop till today. It s an immense powerful work and the possibility you taught us in the ancestor healing is a huge healing tool for my practice and my clients. Thanks for that, too !!

It would be a pleasure to work with you again ! J

Freia von Schwarzenfeld

The subjects of the workshop I experienced before more or less intensive. Some for decades and some only a few times. New in experiencing a deeper quality of the unknown.

After learning the new Chakra concept I felt for a while completely lost in this new world. I thought I knew about the Integral presence but never really went into this state. With the new Concept this was the only chance for me to be and to work . That was new, not comfortable. Since then I try again and again to hold this state of presence during my healings. Sometimes I get some of the points and sometimes less, never all together.

The most impress ing thing was to work on future relational cords, I don’t know if they exist but it did a tremendous change on the clients EF.

My edge is not to do anything, not to jump in helping developing structures to go further or deeper or… as they do by watching them. The new chakra concept to me functions a lot less structured than I am used to work with.

I am impressed how easy and helpful the ancestor cord healing combined with constellation work works. This is a really helpful tool in my daily practice. I already used both, the cord healing and the constellation, but never combined them.

Since the workshop I am working on my issue about to get things fixed, letting go of analyzing what’s going on while still being present and aware of the process, and integrate , or being open for completely unexpected insights, developments and experiences for myself and for the client. I am still struggling with my progress. This might be my insight .

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