Process engine

The process engine is the well-balanced application in real life of the “observer-curiosity-experiencing” triad. Just applying only one of these three components of the process engine, can already bring your growth process to a beautiful acceleration and depth. However when the focus gets too predominantly fixed on one of them, without sufficiently engaging the others, the growth process can be hindered by typical obstacles. Overly focus on the neutral observer can lead towards alienation of the living reality of life. Overly focus on the questioning can lead towards story telling ABOUT life while lacking the true transformative power of being IN life. Yet, overly focus on the experiencer side of the triad, can lead towards sensationalism and intensity hunting, while the liberating awareness of the experience is overlooked and the subtler dimensions of experience are overridden.

Each member of the triad complements, enhances, and balances the two other members of the triad.

  1. Neutral Observer
  2. Enlightening curiosity…
  3. Authentic Experiencer

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