Feb 1-2, May 1-2, and Nov 23-24, 2014 – workshop: The healing power of hands

Maria Skerlavaj

Hello Jan,

The experience of this first workshop was positive and enriching. I loved your presentation.
As I am already a bit familiar (thanks to my spontaneous experiences and to my « masters ») with the subtle energies, I felt comfortable in the proposed exercises.
The progressive approach of the face to face (seated on the chair) was different both times.
The first time was very touching, full of respect, love and joy; …
As for the experience of energy healing, it went well and was very pleasant, in both directions (patient and healer).  I felt cold and warm zones, cramps in my arm, sometimes I didn’t feel anything. I was well centered; I saw a huge light on the top of my head. Guides were present.
I would have however loved to know what does mean the feeling of a cold or warm zone, of the cramps… but the time was missing to be able to obtain the answers.

How to better satisfy my demand? : There could almost be some individual courses to answer to the outstanding questions following the experiences of these last years. Practically, I would like to be able to master more the chakras, see the auras when I decide it (and not only occasionally) and find the best way to « transmit the healing light » to others or at least lead people towards this light which I experienced some years ago and which was very beneficial to me until now.
The ideal would be that the cycle of three years could be adapted in terms of the capacities of « the student ». Is it possible? I am not a therapist and it is still too early to consider practicing regularly. I would like to improve myself and perhaps teach this art one day. For the moment, I help, as I can, spontaneously, without a well-defined frame. The range is wide.

I wish you an excellent week-end.
Kind regards,

Maria Skerlavaj

 Translated from French into English by Hélène Déom

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