10. Subtle bodies are …

Our bio-energy field is the expression our specific constitution on all levels: our physical body with its unique genetic composition, our thoughts, feelings, moods, states of mind, beliefs, memories, character and identity. Some elements of the bio-energetic radiance are very fleeting and momentary, like our thoughts, moods and passing emotions. Other aspects of our bio-energetic glow are more permanent like the emission of our genetic constitution, our character and our identity. This lasting radiancy of our field we could call the customary signature vibration that we always take with us wherever we go.

Our neglected sensory resource

All organisms, including humans, read their environment by assessing the energy fields. Because people are so dependent on spoken and written language, we have neglected our communication system with which we feel energy. As with any biological function, too little use leads to atrophy.

                  With the Integral Presence practice, I would like to share a path toward Self-realization that along the way, awakens our extra-sensory and supra-sensory awareness. With this method, support system, and community of practitioners, I would like to stimulate our culturally neglected subtle powers in order to revive our lost faculties of bio-energetic perceptions. I believe being aware and cultivating an understanding about this subtle dimension of communion empowers us to evolve naturally towards genuine contact with self, others and the world. 

The bio-energy field

Everything in the universe and all living organisms have a vibrating energy field. Some of them are physical in nature and they can be measured by material instruments; this includes sound and electromagnetic forces, such as visible light, magnetism, radiation and rays of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our body is affected by and produces all of these energies.

Some fields cannot be measured directly by material instruments, yet these can measure them indirectly through their effects. These fields express the presence of vital life energy, such as the chi and prana of Eastern cultures. They are connected to the body by the meridians, the energy vortexes and the energy channels, which convert the fast-moving frequencies into the denser mechanical fields and forces (sound, electricity and magnetism).

The energy channels and energy bodies are, therefore ‘antennas’ that receive and transmit information through the bio-energy fields and metabolize it so that it can be used and understood by the body. With a little practice and some competent guidance, we can easily reactivate our sensory system.

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