17. Guidance is…

… receiving information, force, love, strength, inspiration, and good advice from the higher dimensions. It requires opening the channel. From the psycho-energetic point of view, opening the central channel in combination with complete hara-alignment are two powerful techniques to develop the channel for guidance. Yet opening the channel is much more than that. It is an immense endeavor that takes years of spiritual practice.

Practical steps

  1. Ask
  2. Listen
  3. Hearing
  4. Understand
  5. Act according to the guidance


For everything: desires, needs, wants, aspirations, solutions, relief, … Bring each and every aspect of your person, your life, your world, … into the light of the Higher Consciousness, Potency, and Wisdom.


Being open to hear, see, feel, and observe the responses from the Higher Consciousness in thoughts, visions, sounds, emotions, intuition, synchronicity, insights, conscience, calling, and so forth.


Cultivate the skill of honest receiving. Discerning true guidance from wishful confirmations. In short: hearing the real response, not just what we want to hear.


Mobilizing our efforts for true understanding of true guidance. Sometimes it requires some learning, asking advice to trustworthy friends or professionals, support in interpretation, … Sometimes asking for additional information, guidance or explanation to Source (back to step 1).

Act according to the guidance

Do not remain in the posture of the “seated meditator who has understood”, but apply the guidance throughout our daily lives as strict as we can in terms of content, duration, motivation, intensity, context, and so on. Not acting upon guidance is the fastest way to dry up the well of guidance (grace). However, when acting upon guidance becomes a discipline, it can become a habit. The habit can become a lifestyle. The lifestyle can become character trait. A character trait can become an identity. At that point, living in grace has become the most certain and indestructible reality in life.

The IP practice is a path of completion:

  • 1/4: Awakening the enlightened consciousness of our Core Being constitutes only ¼ of the path.
  • 2/4: The ability to remain in connection with the Higher Self takes us halfway the path and.
  • 3/4: When we have succeeded in making a permanent habit of obeying our guidance, we have completed 3/4 of the IP path.
  • 4/4: When this habit has become our most natural and spontaneous way of living and being, we are never be separated from the Cosmic Current. Then we live in Grace. This is the completion of the IP path.

A methapore:

I like using the analogy of the building of the Chunnel to illustrate the vastness of the undertaking. ““On December 1, 1990, the longest underwater tunnel was created, 100 meters under the sea. At 12:12 pm exactly, 15.6 km from France, and 22.3 km from England. Two driller workers, one British, the other French, gives the final blow to the final breakthrough of the Channel Tunnel, at the junction of the two tunnel boring machines, and exchange a historic handshake by waving their national flag respective!”

For the junction of the Chunnel, approximately 13,000 workers participated in the digging, digging 95 miles of tunnels at an average depth of 150 feet below sea level. Eight million cubic meters of earth were removed, at the rate of 2400 tonnes per hour. This enormous work can also serve as a metaphor for the work of digging our spiritual channel. All the elements of IP add to the development of our spiritual channel and ultimately it leads us to a waking life in a human incarnation.

Which elements of IP develops our channel?

The “digging” of our channel happens by deepening focus (= mindfulness IP-1), stabilizing (= alignment IP-2), cleansing, and widening the central channel (= IP-12). With that foundation and preparation we can start opening our channel for guidance. This is the practice of the 17th element of the Integral Presence. It is an essential key to connecting the awakened consciousness with practical human life.


Eva Pierrakos clearly describes the prerequisites, errors and rules for developing the channel for guidance. She used them to solidify her mediumship. But even if we are not destined to become a medium, the path is similar to open our channel towards superconsciousness for reasons that make sense for the actualization of our Deep Being in our person and in our current life.

Living the superconsciousness in practical life

So to live an awakened life is in fact to be a medium for our Core Being in social life and physical life. Each time we express the Core Being through our actions, words, and thoughts, we are a channel, a medium. At these times we are also unified with the Supreme Divine, which is the actualization of the divine in the evolutionary world.

Realizing the potential

Opening our channel (IP-17) is the 5th category (supra-sensory awareness) of the 21 elements of IP. I have very high expectations from supra-sensory consciousness provided that the foundations and the progressive construction of the Integral Presence are well supported. Good integration is required, otherwise the higher dimensions are a derivation; an escape that provides for a painful landing later. But with a dedicated, progressive, and sustainable development in IP, the supra-sensory consciousness promises us the skills to form together a humanity which spontaneously lives in optimal communion with each other and with all that is. The individual who is united with himself is then also united to humanity and also united to the universe. This promotes natural contact with oneself, others and the world.

Participants of my trainings are always encouraged to enjoy their religious freedom in the full expression of their personal interpretation of the truths of spiritual belief and the facts of spiritual experience. Training in subtle energies will strengthen spiritual unity but not theological uniformity. IP students are invited to freely develop their personal thoughts without necessarily becoming “protesting thinkers”. The invitation is to become a creative thinker and articulator of the truth. This is a much more powerful act than the attack on falsehood. Something to contemplate.

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