ES1 – 2012-2013 – Brussel’s healing training program

Some experiences of students enrolled in the long term healing training program “énergies subtiles” in Brussels (taught in French).

Isabelle Manneback

What was in general your experience of the formation about subtle energies?

Woaaaw and Thank you Jan!
Rich in lessons on various levels! Personal and professional.


Not always easy to live it, especially afterwards…
Even more questions.
We re-open spaces that we thought solved and discover others.
The only thing that I know now is that… it’s to be better.
Even if I had enough by moment, and that I had doubts.
Because I needed lightness and not asking myself 1000000000000000000 questions per second 🙂
Recovered this innocence, this spontaneity I had in me. Even though they were sprinkled with unconscious protections…
Learn to know myself better, without judging me. (there’s still a lot of work :-))

What appeared to me and what I felt, it’s to let the space inside me.
That the healing happens inside me, in the reception, that it exceeds my power and certainly my intellectual power!
That it is, beyond « me »!
I learn to welcome and accept my « dark » side rather than trying to control it.
To release my mind more, that appeared to me as a need to control the things.


For the center (FDJ), I’m cogitating because I feel that the things move in the approach. I let it come, simmer… 🙂

As to me professionally, I was thinking to devote myself entirely to the development of FDJ. I’m feeling a growing need to continue of course and even more.
I think that (if the finances permit it to me) I will undertake the formation to become monitor.
It calls me, not for FDJ but for me!

Why? Simply to discover myself better and I feel myself aspirated and inspired 🙂 that the life takes me over there.
I feel more and more like a growing need the inner evidence… to develop « this « power » of hands ».
Even though the fear of daring to be is frankly tickled!

I think you’re not going to take your head off 🙂
You have the gift… of showing the path easily, humbly.
Without needing to prove it! By sharing it! You create the confidence.
To my eyes, it’s a gift!
Such an inner need gives me peace and confidence.
However, I’m not always comfortable with you, especially when you have that firm look!
So my eyes see you tough, cold and Loveless and it freezes me, scares me. This belongs to me of course!
I feel a past emanating as well, a link; I feel it might have been strong. I will probably discover it more in the 4th body 🙂 Inch’allah and what matters is 🙂

My Lover, Fabrice
And then a so beautiful gift of life. To do this with him.
What a happiness!
As he told me again yesterday night, at the beginning he came to meet « my world ».
Woaaaww, thank you my Love, thank you the Life.
However, this wasn’t always easy for me!
Emotions as jealousy, possessiveness, and resentments… invaded me but also made me grow. I still have some work 🙂
Again one of my dreams, that I live thanks to him, to our Love. Thank you

What do you think this brought to your daily life?
More consciousness.
I observe more myself.
More feelings.

Less judgmental.
More reception.
Dare to live the emotion inside me. I start to let it some space.
Even more this desire to take the direction towards the Love of the self and of others.
Because when I’m there … I just feel GOOD!!!!!

What is the impact on the energy healings you give?
I’m more in contact with the energy than « simply » being a channel.
I’m more inside of me.
I feel, open, dare, have a bit more of self-confidence, I start to dare to see and I listen better what « they tell me ».
Alignment and plenitude!
I note and particularly feel that I am more and more in « my » world.

The need of well « cleaning » myself to better welcome emotions of others.

Personally, still a trouble to do the energy healings.
I love +++++ to do it when I am asked to do so and especially if the person needs it.
And even successively 🙂
But asking, I block! And don’t find any sense in it… Case to follow 🙂

Have you drawn a regular practice from it?
I don’t have this rigor; I was not born with it!
Moreover about this, my little « tough devil » is still well well present.
I know when I’m not fine, I’m really in resistance and can’t meditate!
The worse is that I know it would make me feel better… Case to follow 🙂
So yes and no!

How could we satisfy even more your needs? (which and how)
I want to say to you what is essential to my eyes: to work on the side in coherence with all this!
Personally, I have appointments with a psy who works on dreams (Jung).
Very very complementary, like a red string in relation with the work we do with you and especially with the same language.

Congratulations for the work you’ve done with Christina 🙂
and congratulations to Christina for her growing sweetness.

Me, who is generally quite critical. I am 🙂

How would you describe the content and impact of the formation to people who don’t know this work?

« Without the respect of mystery, the man lacks greatness, dignity, depth. The sense of mystery is condition to plenitude ». Goethe.

This is the sentence that I wanted to say yesterday, at several occasions, but I didn’t dare.
When I read it, I thought of you, of the healing training.

So if I need to sum up, I’d say:
I use 3% of my brain and I want to discover more of it.
I know 3% of me and I want to discover more of it.
I know 3% of my healing hands and I want to discover more of it.
My heart is filled with 3% of Love and I want to discover more of it.
Why? Because I want to live fully 🙂

Isabelle Manneback – 01/05/2013

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