The art of Grounding

I learned to center and to ground from several disciplines: judo, tai chi, qi gong, Brennan Healing Science®, yoga, psycho-energetic grounding, and my personal journey of awakening. Over 25 years of practice and teaching I accumulated many multidimensional experiences. These multilayered discoveries have enriched my personal practice in many ways.

I will do my best here do enumerate a concise concept of the most important aspects. In my classes and guided meditations, I enter in an expanded state of consciousness that will promote as much implicit initiatory transmission as you are willing and able to receive. Explicitly I usually mention some elements of bio-energetic, psycho-energetic, gravitational, and cosmic grounding.

Physical grounding:

  • equilibrium of the body and movement
  • stabilizing the center of gravity in the body

Bio-energetic grounding:

  • increasing qi (basic life force)
  • essential for martial arts and sports
  • tapping into the unlimited cosmic source of vitality
  • empowerment for physical performance

Psycho-energetic grounding:

  • essential for energy-healers, therapists and care-givers
  • reference for emotional and mental balance
  • resource for emotional and mental strength
  • healing power for psychological integration by tuning in with the earth’s harmonics
  • release of stress, excessive and discordant energies 
  • supply of renewed and vital energies

Cosmic grounding:

  • Safe foundation for the awakening of the kundalini
  • Increasing the Life Force
  • Sane resource and fuel for psychic and spiritual activity

Gravitational grounding:

  • welcoming the earth gravity as an uplifting support
  • stabilization personal center with the center of the earth
    • crust: to 5-70 km below the surface
    • the upper mantle: to 670 km below the surface 
    • the lower mantle: to 2890 below the surface
    • the molten outer core: to 5090 below the surface
    • the molten inner core: to 6360 below the surface
    • center of the earth: 6360 km deep

Biological grounding:

  • Cellular awareness of the heritage of the evolution of life
    • mineral
    • plant
    • animal
    • human
    • the destiny of human species
  • Life plasm + Spark of Life
  • Entropy versus Spark of Life
  • Physiological forces and intelligence

Natural grounding:

  • Basic consciousness – unconsciousness
    • Unconscious body intelligence
    • Basic consciousness of living species (survival, orientation, communication, environment mapping, instincts)
  • Integration with nature
    • Sustainable interdependence
    • Resonating with the ecological system
    • Reading and sensing nature
    • Belonging to nature
    • Integrating into nature
    • Pulsing with nature
    • Thriving in nature

Atomic and molecular grounding:

  • atoms of a human body (7×10 ^ 27 atoms)
    • = 7 x one billion x one billion x one billion!
    • 62% hydrogen
    • 24% oxygen
    • 12% carbon
    • 2% of 57 other types of atoms
    • sensing the atomic and subatomic forces on a vibrational level
  • molecules of a human body (1,2×10 ^ 27 atoms)
    • = 1,2 x one billion x one billion x one billion!
    • sensing the molecular and chemical forces on a vibrational level
  • dependence on earth’s resources
    • air, water, temperature, light, territory
    • crops, food
  • for yogis who explore the extremities of mind-matter interference 

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