Possible challenges

There can be moments, periods or conditions where the mind functions less then ideal. The severity of the challenges can vary widely from minor disharmonies to debilitating afflictions.

  1. Mind fragmentation: one mind faculty (reason, will or emotion) operates separately from the two other mind faculties or all three faculties operate separately. With de isolated mind faculty there is a stronger or lesser absence of connection with the other mind faculties.
  2. Unequal development: one or two mind faculties (reason, will or emotion) are significantly less/more developed then the other(s).
  3. Inner miscommunication between the faculties: different from mind fragmentation which results in a stronger or lesser absence of inner communication, we find here a communication that is dysfunctional. It is sometimes, yet not always, related to the previous condition of unequal development.
  4. Dullness: lack of awareness, clarity and lucidity in one, two or all mind faculties.
  5. Asynchrony: the velocities of operation of the three mind faculties are not in synchronization.
  6. Incoherency: the order of operation of the mind faculties is not correctly or not smoothly coordinated.
  7. Imbalance: the mind faculties do not operate in promotive mutual proportion to optimize the effectiveness of their joint effort
  8. Reactive: the mind faculties operate more in a defense against the present moment situation rather then generating a prolific response to the needs of the present moment.

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