The transformation roadmap

The practice of Integral Presence (IP) leads to Integral Transformation and vice versa. Cultivating the multidimensional awareness of IP stimulates and accelerates your journey of integral self-actualization. And after each cycle of Integral Transformation, one’s natural way of being in life grows in IP.

To become skillful in the art of transformation, it is useful to have a clear roadmap of your inner landscape with essential landmarks. The landscape is a way of categorising different areas of the human consciousness and it provides an effective orientation for the journey to self-actualisation. Self-actualisation is another word for bringing your inner potential to full emancipation. Developing a thorough understanding of these landmarks will give you courage and direction when the landscape becomes rough and when you unveil hidden territories.

Besides numerous transformational concepts, there are 7 key elements to learn to identify in the inner landscape:

  1. superego / blind critic
  2. masks / idealized images
  3. defense mechanisms / survival mechanisms /conditioning
  4. lower self
  5. wound / trauma
  6. images / belief system / definitions
  7. Higher Self

The application of this roadmap is a lifetime’s work. From the moment you learn about this roadmap, you can keep using it for the rest of your life. Understanding this roadmap is a lifelong process because of the vast multitude of layers and the enormous depth of the domains.



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