Energy Healing Class

Energy Healing is an ancient art that has been practiced for millenia, and that has undergone a refreshing modernization. By removing superstition, wishful magical beliefs, and folkloric side practices, we seek to distill and (re)enforce the pure innate universal healing power that resides in the consciousness of each and every human being.

We believe this skill is ideally taught from consciousness to consciousness, from person to person, preferably in a personal way. We believe it is ideally taught through:

  1. initiation (demonstration) by an experienced and qualified teacher,
  2. thorough practice,
  3. personal validation through honest feedback, and
  4. authentic life experience.

An Energy Healing Class usually respects the following procedure:

  1. Demonstration of a specific healing technique or a specific aspect of the healing art
  2. Q&A about the technique
  3. Practice of this technique through exchanging healing sessions
  4. Feedback and appreciation

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