Emotional process work is …

Emotions can be as wonderful as they can be problematic. At best they bring us joy, happiness, peace, pleasure, and all the pleasant experiences in life. Yet sometimes emotions are uncomfortable, painful, and even traumatic. Emotions become complicated if we either try to repress them or let them engulf us.

Fighting or suppressing emotions is a violent way of controlling oneself. In doing so, we pinch our own vital force which is in fact, the most important source for our health and well-being. This way of controlling oneself is therefore a form of self-weakening. On top of that, this strategy doesn’t really work, because suppressed emotions tend to always seek a way to express themselves through side tracks. This leads to even more distorted emotional expression than the original suppressed emotion.

On the other hand, being overwhelmed and dominated by our emotions can be equally devastating, as it can wreak havoc on our personal integrity, relationships, career and life plan.

Between the dualistic extremes of suppressing emotions and being dominated by emotions, lies a ground where our emotions can serve our best interest and the best interest of the world. With Integral Presence, we cultivate this middle ground.

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