Basic systemic laws are…

In connected groups like families, organisations, companies and institutions, the Life force tends to flow allow specific systemic patterns. When the group is internally, spontaneously or intentionally, organised along these systemic laws, all the member find their best possible comfort within the system and the system functions at its highest potential. When the inner ordering of the group members transgresses these systemic laws, tension and problems can arrive for certain group members or for the group as a whole. There are numerous systemic laws and we enumerate here the 5 most basic laws.

Life flows from high to low

Each begotten being carries life and the ability to pass it on through children or projects. Life is the supreme gift and it is offered to us through the bond. We are alive because our parents were,
and their parents before them. Life flows from ancestors to grand parents, from grand parents to parents and from parents to children.

When one of the members of the clan does not have the resources to assume his role (due to a trauma or accident) sometimes the movement is reversed and it is the children who give instead of receiving. In this example the natural movement of life is then interrupted.

Honoring life is honoring the generational bond. It’s taking our rightful place in this transmission, after our parents and before our children. Then Life can be invested in its full strength and highest potential.

After having addressed and embraced these basic levels of systemic wisdom, IP gradually enhances the scope of ancestry. It follows the line of life from the ancestors further upstream to the historical and prehistorical dimension of ancestry, and then further up all the way to the first ancestors of all humanity. Next we follow further up the line of the evolution of the species: home sapiens, primates, … all the way to the origin of life on earth. From there we follow further up to sincere gratitude to the creator(s) of life on earth.

Life seeks balance between giving and taking

In any living system, antagonistic tendencies balance out, this is the law of nature. It is the need of balance between taking and giving that establishes the exchange in human systems. Members of this system normally feel the need for the right balance, and when that equilibrium is achieved, the relationship levels out and the flow of exchange subsides.

From the systemic constellation paradigm, the flow in the relationship does not reactivate until a new exchange takes place. From this perspective the relationship only develops if the imbalance persists, oscillating from side to side, and gathering momentum.

Systemic constellation interventions operate from the level of “Intermediate Awareness”. From the IP point of view (elements 10 and higher), a relationship can continue to evolve actively even when perfect equilibrium is achieved on the constellation level. When a practitionar evolves into Extra-Sensory awareness and Super-Sensory awareness, the subtle and extreme suble dimensions of relational reality become consciously accessible, and with that expansion of consciousness a whole extra horizon opens for growth, evolution, deepening and fulfilment on top of the relational balance achieved by Intermediate Awareness.

lders take precedence

The precedence is based on the length of time one is belonging to the system. It is the original order or “chronological hierarchy”. Time defines being and gives it its rank. Precedence is who has been there the longest and te one who joins the system subsequently is placed at a lower rank. This is why the firstborn is ranked higher than the next child and why the couple relationship takes priority over the parent-child relationship. Whenever dramatic events occur in a family, one can often observe that one of the descendants has not respected the chronological hierarchy. This means that a younger individual, therefore located lower in the hierarchy, arrogated to himself the right to take up the problem, the place, the authority, or decisions making of an older one, which took precedence. The system comes back in balance when the younger individual adopts his/her natural place in the chronologic hierarchy.

The youngest have priority and are innocent

The youngest have priority because they carry within them the greatest potential, they have more years than the older ones to realize it, they represent the continuation, the creation, the realization, the hope for the future.

The child is always innocent because what he expresses through unhappiness is often linked to a failure to respect the laws of the system. Out of love and loyalty, children support their elders, show them through their behavior that something needs to be fixed. The child will also become an adult, marked from childhood by what he carries. He will lose his innocence when he understands what it is that he carries.

With that loss of innocence comes also the power to change his experience in the system. From that moment on, he can choose to free himself from his entanglement… or to remain loyal in by choice in full awareness.

Everyone who belongs to the system is included

No one can be excluded from the system, even for serious misconduct. If that happens, it will continue to vibrate for generations to come and have repurcusionss. The constellator’s task is to re-include that person in that system.

Integral Presence does not provide for a training in family constellations nor systemic constellations. For that you need a specialized trainer or institution. Yet IP embraces and transcends the basic laws of systemic order as they are skillfully identified by that specific lens for observing the collective relational aspect of reality.

The point of view of Laurent Delattre, in post-graduate training at Présence Intégrale and trained in family constellations:

“Integral Presence allows to accompany a constellation, being aware of the technique and rules of systemic constellations, while guiding the constellation and the active process of those present with the tools of Integral Presence; This allows for those present during the constellation a depth of direct perception of what lives within them in all the subtle levels of their being. “

The point of view of Laurie Lardinois, in post-graduate training of Integral Presence and trained in family constellations:

“As a constellator and practitioner of Integral Presence, I observe that the tools of IP (such as alignment, mindfulness, channeling) increase the effectiveness, speed of unraveling and integration of constellation. For me, IP is the basis, the solid foundation on which the constellation can rest to be experienced in the most just, deep, subtle, effective, reassuring way possible. IP helps to contain the intensity of the constellation in a container that is both strong and soft at the same time. “

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