Integral Presence Immersion

Developing Integral Presence happens through a combination of transmission, cultivating and applying techniques and guidelines in formal meditation sessions or in daily life.

During an immersion session you access and discover a direct transmission of this particular state of consciousness. You cultivate your own consciousness right away. You receive guidelines to practice IP during the immersion session and afterwards in your personal life.

After the immersion session there is a short moment for sharing and questions. You may also choose to leave right after the immersion session and take the effects of the practice with you in silence to let them impregnate a bit longer peacefully.

If you have a group of 15 or more candidates, you can contact us to organize one or more Immersion sessions.

There are weekly Immersion sessions planned in the context of the “énergies subtiles” program. A very elementary knowledge of French is more then enough to benefit from the immersion session, since the guidelines are quite simple and the the core of the transmission is non-verbal anyway. For more details and registration: click here.

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