Feb 1-2, May 1-2, and Nov 23-24, 2014 – workshop: The healing power of hands

Dr. Anne-Marie Olders-Dethier

Dear Jan,

Here are lots of questions I’m glad to answer to.
Regarding the subtle energies for me it’s a discovery, of course I heard about aura and energy fields surrounding our body but I have never met anyone experienced in this subject and in spite of my weak perceptions you motivated me to search.
Personally the best experience of this weekend is the centering with the conscious breathing and the hara, the relationship to the earth and the sky, and eventually this resets our being.
Yes this weekend is the ultimate message for me to work on my centering because during 15 years in my youth I practiced aikido, where the centering is the foundation. The celtic shamanism that I’m currently trying to practice starts all practice by the centering, the centering and again the centering.
For those who don’t know this work, I have difficulties to express what is intuitively obvious for me but in the practice it’s only a beginning and with no doubt a very long road because my perceptions are extremely limited, the only idea that comes to my mind is to say “know thyself and give what you can give to others” and to practice the theory learnt this weekend.
I give my permission to use my testimony to inform future or potential students.

Dr.Anne-Marie Olders-Dethier – 24.02.2014

 Translated from French into English by Hélène Déom

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