ES2 – 2013-2014 – Brussel’s healing training program

Some experiences of students enrolled in the long term healing training program “énergies subtiles” in Brussels (taught in French).

Anne Hodiamont

–  What was in general your experience during the training of subtle energies; did it correspond to your expectations?

I found this second year very different from the first.

The theoretical aspect was a lot more reduced at least at the level of energy healings and there was a lot more space for creativity.

I didn’t have any special expectation but what especially pleases me after these two years of work is that I progressively feel more comfortable in the energy healings and this becomes easier to me to go from the ordinary life to the subtle world.

What are the aspects or events which particularly touched you? And how?

1) I was touched by the strength and the authenticity of physical and emotional experiences of certain people at the level of their individual process. Especially when the latter had access to previous lives

2) I also appreciated a lot the long guided meditations. They opened new horizonsto me.

–     What contribution did you get in your daily life from this experience?

1) As a psycho-corporeal psychotherapist I appreciated a lot the complementarity of the methods. I was also nicely surprised of the big efficiency of interventions on a subtle level.

2) To be able to repeat the meditations at home since these sessions were recorded permitted me to evolve well with my practice.

    How could we even better satisfy your needs?

There’s not much to change because these two years were wonderful. The only thing I would perhaps need from time to time is a feedback. I know that each person has her/his own style but, I think there should be sometimes some things to avoid or to try to improve anyway.

–    Which aspects of the training would you deepen even more?

My quality of «Mindfulness ». My practice of meditation. The « letting go»

–   What is the value that the group brought you?
To be part of this group for two years brought me a very big support and also permitted me to give some support to some of us

It also taught me that each person is different at the level of his/her psychological and spiritual evolution and that it is fine that way
–  Which are the qualities, attitudes and actions with which you enriched the group and the training?

I think my professional experience as a psycho-corporeal level permitted me to support some people at the level of their individual process.
–    What was the difference for you between the first and the second year?

The first year seemed to me to be a year of quite framed introduction during which we discovered some basic « tools ».
The second year required us to keep the basic rigor but permitted the development of a whole range of feelings and the expression of our creativity

I agree to the publication of this text.

I thank you again warmly for this year full of treasures and wish you a beautiful summer,


Translated from French into English by Hélène Déom

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