Ip Cosmo & Nosso Lar & Dewatchen

Also in Tibetan tantric Buddhist cosmology exists the concept of an intermediary world between a physical world, like Earth, and a more enlightened world, like a Buddha realm. One example of such an intermediary world is Dewatchen.

Prayer of Dewatchen
O Wonder!
Wonderful Buddha of Infinite Light, you have on your right the Lord of Great Compassion,
to your left, the Bodhisattva with great powers,
and you are surrounded by an unlimited host of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
Happiness and well-being are the immeasurable wonders of this heavenly domain
which is called “Bliss” (Déwatchen).
As soon as I have transmigrated out of this life, without having to undergo the interruption of other births,
may I be reborn there and see the face of “Infinite Light” (Amitabha)!
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions, bestow your grace
so that the wishes that I have thus formulated may be fulfilled without obstacle!

Such a paradise might seem elusive, but the Rinpoche reassures us that “the power of prayer, the power of devoted and fervent aspiration, is all that is needed.

The specific intention of the Dewachen prayer is to be reborn immediately after this life in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha. For me, the general intention is to launch the deep wish that all living beings, my dear ones and I included, may evolve as quickly as possible into a unified (non-dualistic) consciousness and that their outer circumstances may immediately reflect their inner harmony. . By law of synchronicity, our body, soul and spirit will always migrate towards the world and the environment which represents exactly the degree of duality or non-duality of our consciousness. With the prayer of Dewatchen I aspire that everyone can quickly evolve towards greater peace, harmony, health, homeostasis, love, friendship, beauty and inner and outer truth.


Our modern society operates more than we suspected of a hidden religion, that of materialist philosophy. Here I use the word religion in the negative sense of the term, of a collective movement which propagates a dogmatic paradigm of reality, which refuses to question these dogmas and which mocks or even despises another vision of reality, especially if this vision affirms immaterial realities. For me, religion in the positive sense comes from the Latin verb “religare” which means to bind. It is the perpetual search to connect with the divine and to connect with (the divine at the bottom of the heart) of others. Thus the vision of reality is never a dogmatic idea but an incessant quest for truth in each present moment. This attitude represents for me the correct scientific attitude. In this attitude of curiosity and in the spirit of a beginner, I propose here a small analysis which compares these two subtle worlds: Déwachen (D) and Nosso Lar (NL). You don’t have to believe anything. You have every right to be a bit like St Thomas☺️. I simply invite you to welcome the perspective of worlds beyond our physical universe as a hypothesis. Then your own meditations, dreams, shamanic journeys and mystical expansions will give you your own perceptions and experiences. My invitation is above all to build your own perspective of reality based on your own perceptions and your own experiences.

D: “The power of prayer, the power of devoted and fervent aspiration, is all that is needed” for access.
NL: believers find access, the prayer of others, one’s own devotion – even if motivated by distress (see Andrew in the lower astral world)
D: “in relation to our universe, is in the direction of the West and above our universe.”
NL: An image illustrates the physical proximity of the astral world of NL to our earth
D: “it cannot be reached by material means”
NL: it is the non-embodied souls who find access to it with their energy body
D: “it is a Pure Land, which has no flaws.”
NL: is a place full of harmony and beauty. and it is still an intermediate stage before an even higher world in divine perfection
D: “Let me establish a Pure Land which can be easily accessible for them. May I release those beings who do not have these supernormal qualities of practitioners who have attained the other Pure Lands of all other Buddhas.” … “it is relatively easy to reach for sentient beings like us.”
NL: New immigrants are fairly ‘normal’ people, not ascetic yogis or extraordinary mystics
D: “It’s not hard and covered in stones.”
NL: The entrance door seems to form and dissolve to provide passage following the simple intention of an authorized official
D: “we always have the feeling of having an expansive view”
NL: the architecture is also open and spacious
D: “There is no alteration of light and shadow.”
NL: there are darker moments of rest in the regeneration room but I’m not sure it’s night in NL
D: “The entire realm is filled with the luminosity of Amitabha Buddha’s enlightened body.”
NL: there is always a column of light in the center of the city
D: “Just like the flora of Dewachen, the trees, which are abundant”
NL: there are beautiful parks
D: “There are ponds where one can rest and bathe in fragrant waters.”
NL: there are ponds where people gather to listen to music or philosophize
D: “The earth is filled with gloriously fragrant lotus flowers,”
NL: same
D: “there is no disease”
NL: wounds of arriving souls are healed in regeneration halls
D: “there is no poverty”
NL: the resources of society seem to be harmoniously available to all
D: “There is no distinction between one being and another.”
NL: there seems to be a hierarchy which is based on level of wisdom and assumption of social responsibilities
D: “All beings are equally beautiful.” “There is no… old age.”
NL: souls return to their younger form than the form after aging
D: “there is no…death.
NL: There are transitions, either physical reincarnations to Earth or transcendences to a world of light. These transitions do not pass through death which causes their substantial body to perish but through an unexplained process in the halls of transition.
D: “All are filled with positive qualities.”
NL: you can see a lot of kindness, harmony and benevolence between the inhabitants
D: “There is no fault, no need, no pain, no suffering of any kind, even the word suffering is not known there”
NL: Although the general mood shows a lot of joy, kindness and gratitude, a few characters clearly show some pain, suffering, confusion and the possibility of relapse into a more dualistic state

With this analysis I do not want to suggest that Nosso Lar est Déwachen could be the same world. I see them as quite distinct and different. I just wanted to show that two people from different continents and from two different traditions (Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and Brazilian spiritualism) have visions of a non-material world that had a lot of similarities and also some differences. And I simply add my testimony which is as follows: I regularly visit in my shamanic and mystical expansions such worlds without retaining many details of my visits and experiences long afterwards in my linear mind.

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