Clarifying your needs is …

Developing a clear discernment between true needs and false needs. Then letting go of false needs and using all the liberated time, energy and focus for the true needs.

The Pathwork approach offers a lecture (n° 192) about this topic. Here you find a resume.

Overcoming false needs awakens spiritual consciousness.

We humans are not aware of our spiritual potential, this power is beyond us. At the same time, it prevents us from using this power improperly, because we have to wake up to the awareness of these powers by first purifying ourselves.
It is about going beyond our destructive patterns to give back our place to our Higher Self. Our state of being half-awakened makes us evolve on the basis of negative thoughts, for fear of suffering, death, emptiness, or lack. How can we hope to reach fullness in this way? By going beyond these and other defense mechanisms, purification begins and the consciousness can awaken to move forward with positive thoughts toward a positive goal.

In this, we must learn to stop moving forward driven by negative needs. These are false needs that result from false beliefs and often repressed and painful experiences of feelings that we can drag from incarnation to incarnation … This way of reacting leads to turning a blind eye to our responsibility in our state.
To assume its true responsibility, it is to exceed these circumstances (illusory or real) to develop its capacity to love oneself, one’s body and one’s soul, in order to give warmth to the others rather than to beg it greedily. And our need will disappear!

False needs demand that others give in, but then we lack compassion. Purification consists in recognizing that the need is unreal and the fact that we perpetuate it.
Beware of the erroneous dualistic vision where you think that either you depend only on yourself and must be alone, or you live a beautiful relationship and completely depend on the other.

It is clear that by looking at only the false needs, we are fueling suffering. It is certain that by giving their place to real needs, we must be vigilant with our old and insidious reflexes based on false needs because these false needs do not disappear overnight. We must welcome them without being overwhelmed, by avoiding penalizing others, by keeping hope and our intention of purification.
The miracle of this path of purification is the moment when the evidence of the unreality of false needs arises. It is not only a feeling of well-being, fluidity, or pleasure … It is above all the emergence of the truth, of the wisdom of our deepest spiritual self that our life begins to radiate; it shows us the direction of the Light.

The mining of the liberating truth is one of the benefits of the Integral Presence Process work.

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