Authentic Experiencer

It is obvious that we all experience life in every single moment yet this skill is not obvious at all. It is about experiencing life directly and consciously.

The Authentic Experiencer (AE) is that which experiences “aliveness” in the moment-to-moment uninterrupted flow of life in the now point. It is the experiential aliveness in the immediate present moment. Life experience always happens, and only happens, right now, not a millisecond before nor an instant later. Whether or not it is consciously experienced, it is still life being alive. Life is a continuum in the now point. The AE has a living sensitivity of this ever-present-moment process of life living in all aspects of our being.

When life force runs through the physical body, it keeps our body alive. The movement of life through the physical body generates body sensations. We can be aware of them or not. The practice of the AE is welcoming the awareness of our bodily sensations.

As the life force runs through the etheric body, it strengthens our vitality, confidence, health, and willpower. We can be aware of this or not. The practice of the AE is opening up to the awareness of our vital sensations.

As the life force runs through the personal feeling body, it strengthens our emotional strength and assurance. We can be aware of our feelings and emotions or not. The practice of the AE is developing the awareness of our present-moment emotional state. Emotional fitness enhances this aspect of the AE.

And it is similar for all the other energy bodies (IP-10): the life force running through the mental body, the soul body, the spirit bodies… All of these bodies generate their own specific sensations and phenomena. The practice of the AE is opening and refining our conscious awareness of these subtle sentiences.

The Enlightening Curiosity helps to connect with your inner process of Authentic Experiencing. For instance by bringing your focus to some point in your body. The process of Enlightening Curiosity says: “What’s here now?” The Authentic Experiencer does not say “I notice the holding in my shoulders” but rather moves you to completely feel the actual feeling sensation. The Enlightening Curiosity says: “What is here now?” the AE does not say “Now I experience a flow of energy through my right hip” but rathers feels deeply into that experience and lives it through. And so on. This then expands to emotions, thoughts, ideas, belief systems, memories, cellular awareness, etc. It is by seriously practicing the AE and by adopting the AE in your basic life attitudes, that you will gradually develop the sensitivity for the 21 aspects of Integral Presence, starting with basic awareness, expanding into intermediate awareness, growing into extra-sensory awareness to reach the enlightened levels of supra-sensory awareness.

You can understand that the AE does not explain the experience, neither describes it, nor tells a story about it. It is even less concerned with justifying any experience. It fully and unconditionally engages in feeling through each and every present-moment experience. This is why the Enlightening Curiosity asks “What” questions and no “Why” questions. “Why” questions lead to story-telling, rationalization, and intellectualization. They wrap mind substance around the experience, yet by doing so they also cloud the experience from pure and pristine awareness. “What” questions lead toward the actual experience, which is the true goldmine for growth in knowledge, true understanding, actual wisdom, and, ultimately, the Living Truth. It provides for the experiential connection between the material, the sensory, the psychological, and the spiritual levels of the universe. It builds our super-philosophic sensitivity for truth discernment and unity perception.

Eventually, you will expand beyond your physical boundary, and then beyond what you now include in your energy body. If you continue, you will find your Core Being in it. Your Divine Spark is here right under the surface in every part of your being. As you continue to practice, you will be able to experience more and more amounts of yourself simultaneously, leading up to Integral Awareness. Sometimes your body will go into a flow of movement; perhaps a sound will come forth. Allowing multiple forms of self-expression is part of liberating the Authentic Experiencer. Continue this process. There are no limits to this journey. Integral Consciousness is infinite. 

Jan Janssen, July 10th 2020.

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