Theme quartet

This is one of the many possible coaching cluster setups.

There are 4 members with 4 different roles in this cluster:

  1. the coachee: this person wants to work on a theme, a problem, a learning cycle, a trauma, … and welcomes the care and support of 3 helpers
  2. the interviewer: this person engages in a positive dialogue with the coachee with the clear intent to foster more clarity and insight around a the specific theme that the coachee wants to explore. The interviewer stays mindful of the principles of non-violent communication and appreciative inquiry during the interview. 
  3. the IP custodian: this person takes one, two of maximum three of the 21 IP elements  as a focal point. Once in a while (every one or two minutes) he/she intervenes with the coachee or interviewer and offers a kind reminder of the chosen IP elements. The intervention is kept very short (3 to 8 seconds): a gentle suggestion and then let go. Breath, alignement or mindfulness, the 3 IP basics, are often good choices for an IP element to steward. 
  4. the space holder: this person engages to hold the multidimensional Silence of IP to the extent that is naturally accessible to him/her according his/her amount of initiation and experience. This person sits in IP Silence and embraces the 4 members of the cluster in this space of awareness. 

So each of the 4 members have a different object of attention:

  1. the coachee focuses on him/herself and his/her theme of exploration
  2. the interviewer: focuses on the coachee with the intent of positive inquiry 
  3. the IP genie: focuses on the coachee and the interviewer with the intent to foster a particular IP element in them
  4. the space holder: focuses on the entire cluster, him/herself included, with the intent to hold each member and the cluster as a whole in IP

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