PI Cosmo & Nosso Lar

La vie après la mort est le thème principal dans ce drame sur la transformation d’un homme durant sa surprenante et éclairante expérience dans une dimension “Life after death is the main theme in this drama about one man’s transformation during his surprising and illuminating experience in a spiritual dimension. With magnificent art direction and special effects never before seen in this biggest Brazilian production, the film brings to the screen the most important work of the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier, who, through the character of André Luiz, describes in great detail what life is like in Nosso Lar.”spirituelle. Avec une direction artistique magnifique et des effets spéciaux jamais vus auparavant dans cette plus grosse production brésilienne, le film amène à l’écran le travail le plus important du médium Brésilien Chico Xavier, qui, via le personnage de André Luiz, décrit avec beaucoup de détails ce qu’est la vie à Nosso Lar.”


You have surely understood that the film Nosso Lar fits perfectly into our exploration of PI cosmology.

This film offers us a very interesting visualization of a possible destiny, among millions of others, for our soul after the earthly life or between two earthly lives. I really appreciate this film because it illustrates a number of themes and concepts that are very relevant on our multidimensional journey. Our Interpersonal Journey is dedicated to the study and emancipation of the 4th subtle body, our astral body which is the energetic vehicle of our soul. I comment below a little on the parallels that I perceive between the subject of the film and our formation.

As we further develop our soul and 4th subtle body, we will engage in deeper learning in astral realities. We will learn to first manage the astral reality within ourselves, which enables us to explore and intervene positively in the astral realities that surround and envelop us. What are these astral realities?

  1. A part of our unconscious
  2. A part of our life of dreams and fantasies
  3. Part of our healthy and artistic creativity
  4. After leaving life in the physical body, this is where most souls go. The souls of people with low, medium or high spiritual development all find their home suited to their level and plan of growth in the astral worlds. Only souls with an extremely advanced spiritual development go straight away to spiritual worlds and do not have to pass through the astral world.
  5. The worlds and realities we visit during astral and shamanic journeys.
  6. The collective consciousness of humanity and all its subgroups
  7. The fields of activity of some of the archetypes
  8. The fields of activity of transgenerational and systemic constellations
  9. Unintegrated traumas from this life and past lives leave a tangible charge or mass in the 4th body
  10. astral objects
  11. Non-embodied entities

During the teaching on the biotope of the soul in eternity (biotope de l’âme dans l’éternité), I spoke of 7 worlds. This is an extreme reduction, but nevertheless, a good starting diagram to explore these dimensions further.

  1. The earthly physical world of humans, animals and plants
  2. The bardos (astral space between two terrestrial lives – human or otherwise)
  3. The 7 transitional worlds (astral worlds that prepare souls for a celestial life)
  4. The celestial worlds (with permanent residents and souls transmuting to spirit and ascending to divine worlds)
  5. The divine worlds (with permanent residents and spirits in preparation for Paradise)
  6. Heaven (with permanent residents and spirits that form for divine cosmic missions)
  7. Areas of Light where divine spirits reside and travel

The film illustrates four worlds:

The physical world (the flashbacks of the terrestrial life of our character André)

  1. A lower bardo world; place of great suffering (the first place André arrives after his death)
  2. A transitory world; place of healing, dwelling and spiritual development (the place where Andrew continues his journey after being saved by the servants of God)
  3. We make a reference to, but we do not show, a celestial world (where André’s mother comes from to visit her son a few times)

The film also illustrates some energy treatments. Andre’s soul still has some traumas in his astral body and the servant heals them in a number of energy healing sessions by placing his hands and channeling light. This is exactly what we are doing at our level here on earth.

The film testifies to the fact that personal development continues in the astral world. The lower self is not yet completely transformed, regressions in consciousness are still possible, like the character who wants to return to earth to find his lover.

Some character flaws continue to be worked on and there is still a beautiful way to spiritualize the soul even more. Although life is already reasonably pleasant in the transient worlds, all suffering is not yet removed and the potential for evil is still present. Evil, not in the sense of something negative that must be judged, but in the sense of the roots that lead to suffering. These roots are the beliefs, ideas, and visions that are embedded in dualistic consciousness. In the film, we see our character with his challenges, some dualistic tendencies and how he manages to…. But I’m not going to tell everything. 😉 I wish you beautiful discoveries and inner inspirations, stimulated by this medium of the 7th Art.

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