Psycho-spiritual integration is …

… recognizing oneself as a spiritual being living a physical life on a material planet in a social context in a complex society as a member of evolving humanity in relationship with nature … while psychologically harmonizing all these aspects in one coherent psychic activity.

“The Pathwork” as channeled by Eva Pierrakos has proven a solid and reliable path of self-purification and self-transformation on all levels of consciousness. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing, accepting, learning to know, and ultimately transforming our shadow side. Pathwork helps us understand that through honest self-examination, with carefully applied tools and practices, we can overcome and remove the inner obstacles that keep us from living fully from and in our true nature. Typical concepts that Pathwork empowers us to explore and transform within ourselves are:

  • Higher Self
  • Lower Self
  • Mask
  • Wound
  • Defense
  • Idealized self-image
  • Inner critic

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