Feb 1-2, May 1-2, and Nov 23-24, 2014 – workshop: The healing power of hands

Livia Schonwiesnerova

Dear Jan,

I am sorry for a late reply, at the end of the year things got more and more busy…

First of all I would like to say that I was impressed by your personality (peace, humbleness). I believe you have much broader understanding of the reality than the rest of us. I guess, you already know, while the rest of us is still in doubts, so in stress.  I liked the simplicity and ease of the presence integrale. I do acknowledge the importance of all of its elements as I have been reading about it in many books.

The course has fulfilled my expectations. As I have said, I am interested in healing, the way how Jesus did it. And he even said that more than this we shall do… Unfortunately for my surroundings – religious people –  energy is evil, so do not even dare to speak about it…  It took me a lot of years to overcome that fear and start to read something else, although my closest friends are praying for me to find my way back… In my point of view this was the bravest shift I have done in my life, it feels so right inside.

Course has had deep impact on my every day life. I try to live in the present moment as much as possible. A year ago when my husband died, I knew exactly what does it mean. It was an accident and it took me by such a surprise that even months later I was able only to deal with present moment. Thoughts about past and future have been very painful and frightening, I had so much regrets. Today, as situation has calmed down a little, I try to keep that sence of presence. However, I still struggle to put the exercises (at least 5 mil.) to my daily routine. In my free time I still prefer to read more than to do this exercises, although I feel I have read enough and now its time to implement. I guee my mind has a need to be occupied and does not want to calm down.

Above of that,  during the training I liked very much the exercise to connect with the Earth. I have felt strong connection even some days after. I try to practice it more often, as I have realised, I have never taken care about this connection before. For me as a religious person only development of spirit was important. I have never realised there should be a balance.

On your web page www.energiessubtiles.com  I tried to look for some contact on you or your students to apply for my personal healing session but I could not find it. Please, could you advise me on where should I apply?

Thank you very much, bonne continuation and Happy New Year!

Kind regards,
Livia Schonwiesnerova

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