Coaching alignment

Areas of attention:

  1. centeredness
    • dantien/hara: present versus absent
    • solid versus fragile
    • tender versus rigid
    • in place versus out of place (left/right/front/back/up/down)
    • harmonious versus deformations
  2. grounding
    • present versus absent
    • deep versus shallow
    • solid versus weak
    • flexible versus rigid
    • anchored versus floating
  3. soul integrity
    • soul connected versus disconnected
    • soul awareness versus unawareness
    • soul dialogue versus alienation
    • soul befriending versus split
    • soul journey integrated in actual life versus separated of from actual life
  4. spirit integrity
    • notion of Higher Self (HS) versus uninformed
    • acceptance of Higher Self (HS) versus rejection
    • awareness of Higher Self (HS) versus unawareness
    • dialogue with HS versus alienation
    • compliance with HS versus resistance
    • embodiment of HS versus hesitance
  5. integral alignment
    • complete versus incomplete
      • connection of dantien, grounding, soul seat and id-point with hara line
      • dantien – grounding interconnection
      • dantien – soul seat interconnection
      • soul seat – id-point interconnection
    • continuous alignment versus interrupted
    • intact or broken
    • solid verus fragile areas
    • in place versus out of place (left/right/front/back)
    • flexible versus rigid


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