IP Coaching

In its essence, Integral Presence (IP) is not a matter of procedures nor techniques. IP is never an artificial but always an authentic state of being and a spontaneous flow of living. It is a gift from Source, naturally embodied by the creature that willingly surrenders to its true inner nature where it is at one with Source. However, this declaration does not imply that IP comes automatically. Sometimes we experience ourselves separated from our natural state of living. There can be parts in us that are sometimes lost in dualistic discomforts or even suffering. For the purpose of reintegration those parts in the totality of who we are, it is relevant to use tools, techniques, and concepts that lead us towards the state of oneness with ourselves, others, the world, and Life. In the end, it is not the IP methods that put us in that state. They prepare the way to get there. IP is a Grace of Source that transcends our awareness and being beyond our dualistic limitations. The IP methods are here to help us get the obstacles out of the way and to make us more receptive to land naturally in the state of oneness.

With the IP method, we can address specific obstacles and tackle them with specific coaching skills. Some approaches help us to coach ourselves, some to coach others, and some for both. Coaching oneself starts with:

  1. learning the specific aspects of IP (the 15 elements),
  2. developing a clear assessment with the help of the Neutral Observer,
  3. identifying the next phase in our growth,
  4. come up with an accessible next step to then
  5. actually taking that next step.

Very often regular external support is helpful in each of these 5 steps. The fastest growth usually comes when one engages in the right balance of personal practice, group practice, and individual accompaniment.

Before coaching others, it is imperative to first have a good understanding and a solid embodiment of oneself of the particular aspect one wants to coach. Next one can use these same steps here above to accompany the person one coaches. All coaching endeavors need to be substantiated by unconditional loving support and presence for oneself and the other. Practically this simply means that one needs to embody the IP that one wants to transmit and coach.

There is no one technique that is infallible. It is more an art of developing accurate assessment, picking and applying relevant methods and concepts for a given condition, and above all, to let the creative intelligence of our Higher Self guide us in every present moment and in every unique situation. No situation is ever identical. No present moment experience is ever the same. Therefore, the authentic present moment coaching can’t be anything else but a truly original response to the present moment need. We can use all the IP tools available and let them combine spontaneously with new original inspiration that comes into sight by getting positively engaged in coaching the present moment challenges.

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