16. Chakra pearls are …

Chakra pearls are symbolic focal points in the center of each of the chakras that can be used to consciously access the Core of your Being. This Core Being is known under different names by different spiritual traditions and philosophical currents. In the Integral Presence approach, we can use different names depending on which aspect of the Core Being we want to highlight or depending on which misleading conceptual association we want to avoid. It is a mindful art to stay in the living Truth of the reality of the Core Being and to not slide down on the slope of arresting conscious awarenesses onto common labels of or mental definitions about the ungraspable reality of the Core Being. Here is a selection of names:

  • Core Being
  • Divine Spark
  • Core Essence
  • Nature of mind
  • Higher Self
  • Psychic Being

It may have some correlations with these religious concepts:

  • Adam Kadmon
  • Atman
  • al-Insān al-Kāmil

Higher Self

Here follows an incomplete list of 25 characteristics that can give a conceptual approximation to the reality of the Higher Self (HS).

  1. a fragment of God, Creative Source of all existence. 
  2. has absolute divine-like the qualities of Source, yet not the equal span of influence 
  3. qualities like absolute Truth, absolute Beauty, absolute Goodness, time and space transcendence, unconditional universal love, immortality, and indestructible 
  4. resides in the deepest Core of our (heart) consciousness 
  5. permanently available with guidance, Light, wisdom, Love, strength, higher life force, truth and wisdom yet does not imposes nor decides anything for us
  6. our personality is the free-will decision-maker and the HS stays permanently on board with guidance and lucid awareness 
  7. is one and unified by nature: one with Source, one with the Higher Plan of evolution, one with the Higher Self of all other creatures
  8. HS guidance is by nature unified with the HS guidance of others 
  9. the HS guidance of two or more persons represent always their highest evolutionary achievable exchange, coherency, and harmony taking in consideration the evolutionary state, the personal capacities, the nature, purpose, and destiny of each person involved, the nature and highest purpose of their relationship and their constellation 
  10. following the guidance of the HS is a guarantee for coherency with the Highest purpose in the universe that considers the highest good for all creatures in creation 
  11. consistency in the following of HS leads to an evolution of our soul and personality towards the likeness of the HS, the likeness of its goodness, beauty, and truth
  12. long-lasting consistency in the following of HD guidance leads to the development of divine character in the personality and soul
  13. long-lasting permanence in the development of divine character leads to a complete and irreversible fusion with the HS leading to a new immortal eternal divinized human state of existence
  14. the HS purely spiritual in nature beyond all form, color, shape, or texture 
  15. the HS is the highest and purest form of enlightened and creative consciousness 
  16. the Neutral Observer is the perceptive and reflective aspect of HS consciousness 
  17. Truth luminosity is another consciousness aspect of the HS
  18. absolute Goodness is the intentional aspect of HS consciousness 
  19. unconditional and universal love is the presence aspect of HS consciousness
  20. unconditional creative Essence is the productive power of the HS consciousness
  21. the complete Silence beyond absolute peace, supreme bliss, and ultimate harmonious serenity is the experiential state of the HS consciousness
  22. the HS does not need energy or love from an external source since it is completely upheld and fulfilled as being (a fragment of) Source
  23. the Higher Self, without constraining us, offers us its guidance, the intelligence, and the intuition necessary for the choice it indicates to us: that of learning to know and to live pure Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.
  24. and to elevate the mind, personality, and the soul to the extent the evolving creature freely wants to be elevated
  25. and be available for complete and irreversible fusion with the evolving personality and soul, when the soul has reached that ultimate ascending momentum

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