19. Creative living is …

… the natural result of advancing in the art of alignment in each and every present moment about each and every aspect of life. The mechanics are simple, yet the practice is true mastery. All the previous elements of IP lead up to creative living. The creative living I refer to is not artistic self-expression. It is the core creative life force that each living creature has at his disposal to manifest into existence.

The mechanics work as follows:

  1. integral alignment (IP-2) orients the total of our unconditional creative life force towards a positive and meaningful (truthful) direction
  2. our energy fields (IP-10), energy channels (IP-12), and relational cords (IP-14) follow immediately the intention of our alignment and emanate to most positive and complete energy we can channel in that present moment
  3. by the law of resonance, our energetic emanation evokes an exactly and completely matching response from the universe, from our relationships (IP-15), from surrounding people and nature (IP-11) and from groups we are connected with (IP-9). This resonance works on the social level, on the natural level, and on the cosmic level.
  4. we look in the mirror of manifest reality to read how we are aligned and maintain or adjust our alignment as desirable. We see ourselves as the creators of our life experience and the co-creators of our destiny.

At this point, process work becomes also very direct and immediate. Emotions are immediately taken as guidance about the quality of our own alignment. An unpleasant emotion signals we are out of alignment and we endeavor instantly to re-align. A pleasant feeling signals we are in the flow of positive alignment.

A negative thought is taken as an indication that our ego is thinking differently that what is emanating from our authentic being. And we use the indication to open our mind to the consciousness of our Higher Self (IP-17).

To the extent we can realize ourselves as the creators of our life experience, we can sustain this level of IP. To the extent we victimize ourselves towards life, others, or any external phenomena or institution, we better apply the previous elements of IP, relevant for our situation, as well as the IP process and IP Coaching. It is extremely useful to ask the RIGHT external support of a friend or an IP coach to move forward faster and to bring blind spots into the light of consciousness.

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