Workshop on Relational Cords

Baarn Nov 27-28, 2010

Some experiences during the introductory workshop on Relational Cords in Baarn, The Netherlands on Nov. 27-28, 2010, organized by Martin Feijen.


Nov 29th 2010.

What new experiences did I go through?

– Feeling and seeing my resistance against receiving part of the blessings of my ancestors

– Seeing more clearly the dynamics between my parents and between my parents and me

What known experiences have been confirmed?

– the power of group safety as a container for healing and process

– surrender is better then fighting

– to soften my eyes as healer during a healing

What life-experience has shifted?

Although it feels a little bit like early days to answer this question the morning after the workshop I can already feel the importance of my new awareness around the cords between my parents and the cords between me and them. I wasn’t so much aware of the fact that the cords between my mother and me are a bit “clumsy” and that she tries to make up for that by relating to me through the cords of my father to me.

The word “clumsy” that was used by C….. yesterday was crucial for me to see this in me and my parents and I think the importance of this very descriptive word is much bigger then my own life experience. It feels like a very important piece of learning for everybody who is interested in relational cords. For me it means that part of being human is learning to accept that I am a bit clumsy in the way I handle my relational cords and that it is ok to be clumsy. I can accept that now in myself and I can accept that in others, starting with my parents. The immediate effect of this learning – and I can feel it when I write these words – is that there is more love in me for my parents. A loving acceptance.

What has been challenged?

My ego. There were moments when my ego was telling me I “should” know all this. E.g. when you gave me feedback about my third eye during the healing it was challenging. Or when I exposed myself in my sharing, knowing that several people around me have been my students. I felt very vulnerable and “naked” at those moments.

Apart from that there were not so many images or patterns that felt being challenged. Beginners mind 🙂


Overall I can say that 80-90% of the contents were new for me. The MR approach in general, the steps into mindfulness and integral presence are all new. Not 100% new because some elements are familiar (grounding, breathing, hara etc) but the application as a series of steps is new for me.

Of course I prefer the shortcut by using the OMMM chanting instead of all the steps 🙂

New for me is also the chakra as a spherical (3D) instead of a front/back and up’down (2D) organ. It helped me to feel the chakra “breath” and to have a fuller experience of the chakras in myself, but also in the other.

Open mindset.

Curiosity: I would love to learn more about the relational constellations. In the handout there are pictures of people sitting together and it would be great to practice that in a group with some feedback afterwards.

Inspiration: My loving acceptance of the “clumsiness” in relational cords is an inspiration for me on the personal level as well as for my work as a healer.

Learn more: I like to learn more about the relational constellations and about this clumsiness. I’d like to learn more about relational cord healing from intake of a client (making a relational cord drawing and gathering information about realtions in the clients life) to healing steps (stepping in the unknown is a good place to start, but it would be great to share some experiences and to explore some “modalities” of possible relational cord healing). I would like to learn more about the three fundaments of the MR work: the buddism, the Hellinger work and the healing work and how the interrelate.

Fascinates: the family constellation, group systemics, the power of the hidden cords (hidden in the past, in the now)

Questions: how can I develop myself as a MR teacher/trainer/facilitator? How can the MR content be offered to the general public?

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