11. Energy exchange is …

Connecting is reaching out to each other and letting oneself be approached by the other. Contact happens when there are points of contact whereby parts and elements of each other’s bio-energy field reach one another. 

Partial communion happens when ample parts of both bio-energy fields not only find points of contact but also find a common and harmonious resonance. 

Complete communion happens when all parts of both bio-energy fields find points of contact and a common and harmonious resonance. Human contact is very rich and diverse and encompasses many aspects and capacities. 

Depth of contact

I believe there exists a wide spectrum in the depth of contact that is possible between living beings. On one end of the spectrum, we have the situation of total separation where there is no contact, not even recognition of the other’s existence at all. At the other, we find the realization of complete Oneness. And in the middle we find an immense diversity of levels, styles and forms of contact. 

                  As soon as the bio-energetic boundaries open, certain zones of our bio-energy fields start to overlap and mingle with the bio-energy field of the other. In these overlapping zones an exchange happens. If the exchange is authentic and benevolent, the overlapping zones will evolve naturally towards a certain harmony. And when this is achieved a certain communion will automatically settle. This experience of communion is highly rewarding. Creating sufficient experiences of communion is indispensable for lots of essential human needs, like love, acceptance, mutuality, belonging, respect, and many more.

Contact and communion can be established slowly, progressively, swiftly or even instantly. Similarly, they can dissolve at a different pace. Contact and communion can emerge in countless different manners, yet for descriptive reasons we will deconstruct a contact cycle in several stages. Of course, we can experience and witness regularly that we and others are not always successful in establishing harmonious communion with one another. 

Sometimes communion cycles are incomplete, leaving the members with a sense of frustration or disappointment. In worse cases, the communion cycle can become distorted leaving the members severely affected or even traumatized.  All these distortions and deviations of a healthy communion cycle deserve to be thoroughly studied and illustrated. However, the topic of this article is exclusively focused on the harmonious and complete communion cycle. I believe it is necessary before studying the misguided communion attempts to first establish a solid reference point and the wisdom of a harmonious and truthful communion cycle. 

More information in Jan’s book “the art of communion”.

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