The IP cosmology

As we can read on his page, Integral Awareness is consciously accessing the deeper and broader spectrum of human reality. We look at Integral Consciousness from the perspective of the individual in relation to oneself, others, the world, and the universe. As one advances in integral consciousness, there develops more perceptibility to observe oneself, others, the world, and the universe. And the accumulation of these perceptions automatically leads to an adaptation of his inner cosmology, that is, his “inner” reference system to interpret and recognize the “outer” world.

The scope of IP cosmology is extremely broad, but the invitation of the IP practice is not necessarily to make a detailed study of all the knowledge available on all the fields over which it extends. Rather, the proposal is to discover and nurture an inner cosmology that is relevant for the integral emancipation of one’s soul and for the total realization of one’s Deepest Being.

This page on PI cosmology is not meant to be in the infeasible mission of being complete but simply offers some suggestions to stimulate this permanent adaptation of one’s inner cosmology.

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