Personal Sessions – Online meditations – Workshops – Classes

Individuel sessions for developing your Integral Presence or have personal coaching. Consultations possible in English, French, and Dutch … in person in Brussels, Antwerp or Barcelona. Online sessions are available through Skype, FaceTime, … .

Integral Presence training program. You can take these intensives on an individual base or you can sign up regularly for the intensives through which you will gradually incorporate the program. The intensives are offered in French and translated in Spanish.

Weekly guided meditation classes in Brussels and online meditations. The transmission of Integral Presence is mostly through presence and silence. The instructions are in easy French.

Profound energy healing training:       Jan has (co-)trained a few hundred people internationally in the healing arts. “énergies subtiles” (ES) is one of the modalities. Integral Presence is the underlying foundation of this healing training program taught in French. Participants engage first and foremost in their personal development and apply the acquired energy skills in their professional lives, either as therapist, consultant, coach or in other domains.

Energy healing sessions. This select group of accredited therapists have been thoroughly trained by Jan for a minimum of 4 years and are staying in active alignment with the evolution of this work.

Aquatic Healing trainingIntegral Presence is the underlying foundation of this water work. In intensive workshops you can expand your own journey while at the same time acquiring skillfulness in accompanying others.    You can also take an individual session.

Integral Presence immersion: In an IP immersion session you access and discover a direct transmission of this particular state of consciousness. You cultivate your own consciousness right away. You receive guidelines to practice IP during the immersion session and afterwards in your personal life. If you have a group of 15 or more candidates, you can contact us to organize one or more Immersion sessions.

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