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It is often underestimated how much impact our state of consciousness has on the effects and effectiveness of our actions and words. What it is even more underestimated is the creative power of deep Presence on all the levels of our existence be it material or spiritual, personal or social, rational or emotional, psychological or physical, familial or professional, earthy or cosmic …  Integral Presence is that all-pervading and all-encompassing consciousness of the creative Source knowing itself and knowing all that is.

read “the human tapestry”

I use the metaphor of the fiber and the tapestry to illustrate the philosophy behind the Integral Presence Process. The purpose is to become completely, wholly and exactly oneself and occupy one’s own destined place in the larger whole on this planet in this universe. Usually, it is a fourfold process: 

  1. a process of acknowledging of who we are (all the natural and spontaneous attitudes, self-sharing, initiatives, ideas, feelings, actions, the creativity that is an authentic expression our true Essence) 
  2. a process of unlearning (of all the coping strategies we adopted to survive, belong or conform that compromised our true Essence),
  3. a process of becoming (the whole integral being that we naturally are destined to be) and
  4. a process of surrendering (letting the law of resonance automatically install the connections we need and dissolve the connections we don’t need so we migrate organically into, and synchronize effortlessly with the biotope where we truly belong and where we naturally thrive).

The method of the Integral Presence Process is both unique and universal at once. It is a synthesis of a number of methods and practices that I have seriously studied with highly qualified and experienced teachers and then applied faithful to the spirit of the teaching, sometimes experimentally. The methods were put to the test through decades of practice and by being applied and adjusted to the situational needs of more than 10-thousand professional coaching, healing and process sessions. In the course of decades of real-life application, the methods have transformed, melted and shifted into this larger, unifying system of Integral Presence Process that holds space for all the varieties of the composing factors, yet yields to what I call the power of essentialism. I use this essentialism in a slightly different sense than the meaning that Plato and Aristotle have designated to the word, but it is the closest existing word that I have found to spell out what I mean.

What do I imply with the word essentialism? All the methods that I have studied, practiced and applied have a clear and determinate form, system, paradigm, structure, and procedure to go about the method. Each method has usefulness for certain needs of certain people, in certain situations during certain moments in life. The form and structure of each method fit more or less the present need of the person and the situation. Yet behind the form and structure of the method, I perceive also an essential factor behind the external form of a method. This essential factor transcends the external form of the method. Even though this essential factor transcends the formal structure of the method, it is not necessarily devoid of a form or structure. The subtle form and structure of the essential factor behind any method are made of a more living substance than the formal rational definitions and physical manifestation of any method. This living substance is alive, it breathes, it moves, it grows, it expands and it has an inherent living intelligence.

This inherent transcendent structure of any method does not replace the need for the external, rational and material formalization of a method. The external method is a useful stepping stone and initiating tool to create access towards the essential factor of the method. It is by thoroughly diving into the external method, putting it into practice and working with it, that one gains access to the essential factor of a method. For me using the power of essentialism is to yield to and putting oneself in service of the essential factor behind any method and letting it manifest in its most optimal form and expression in each unique present moment situation.

With the consideration of this context I happily expose the methods and teachings that are the composing factors where the Integral Presence Process emerged from.

  • Christian heritage
  • Energy healing
  • Body oriented psychotherapy
  • Psycho-analysis
  • Vajrayana Buddhism and meditation practice
  • Yoga – Ashtanga / Iyengar / Vini / Hata
  • Family constellations / systemic constellations
  • Engineering – science
  • Entrepreneur experience

With the power of essentialism, I let the essential factor of each of these templates offer its transformative and empowering engine to help you discover your own true Essence and to help your true Essence to come into being. This means to let the Core of who you truly are to rise to the surface and find meaningful, joyful expression and expansion in your soul, body, and mind. It means to let your truthful Self-expression relate and mingle with the truthful Self-expression of others so real connections and authentic relationships occur naturally. It means radiating your true Self so powerfully that through the law of resonance your life becomes automatically one permanent chain of essential synchronicities. This means that you roll from one meaningful and Life enhancing experience into another in a way that is optimally orchestrated by the larger intelligence of all that is.  Or to come back to the metaphor, the let the Tapestry Maker make you, shape you, color you, and place you in your optimal place, surrounded with the optimal neighboring fibers.

During an IP Process session, we use the energy of the group to accelerate the realization of the Inner Being for each member of the group. The person in IP process who surrenders with a sincere intention to the process opens a Space, a place of Sacred transformation. This Sacred Space allows the welcoming of all that is. Honoring this space requests the deep care and respect for both the vulnerability as the total potential of the person in process as well as each member of the group, the group as a whole, the teaching and the one who accompanies the process. A sincere intent consists of:

  • something you want to create (more of) into your life
  • some problematic issue you want to transform in your life
  • something you want to let go from your life

Practically we will sit in a circle and I will accompany the Process work. Sometimes we may process a theme as a group. Sometimes we will accompany one person bringing up a personal issue. Yet if the focus is on one person, the process is not reduced to that person. By accompany one person through the Process, each member of the group will get stimulated and accelerated in her/his own inner Process work.

After a Process session, it is recommended to drink a lot of water because the body will purify and release toxins and water helps to evacuate them. The soul as well will clean itself from (energetic) toxins, and drinking water also helps to evacuate the energetic releases. What more you can do for the energetic cleansing is to take a hot shower or a hot bath with bathing salt when you come home.

After the session, I would also recommend you to take note of the insights and experiences that you had during and after the Process work. It helps to deepen and anchor the progress and shift in consciousness you made through the Process work. I would strongly recommend to NOT take up important discussions with significant others right after the Process work. I would recommend to let all insights to sink in and integrate first and THAN follow through discussing important topics with significant others, if necessary.

November 30th, 2016 – Jan Janssen

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