21. Living communion with Source

Everyone and everything exists and lives…

  • in Source,
  • from Source,
  • by Source,
  • through Source,
  • with Source, and
  • for Source.

Source lives in everything and everyone.

The externally created universe and creatures are evolutionary manifestations and entities. They and we all evolve from an incomplete and imperfect embryonic seed-state into an ever-growing, completing, and perfecting maturation toward to the full realization of our inherent perfect and sublime potential.


  • incompleteness towards wholeness
  • imperfect towards perfect
  • ignorance towards wisdom
  • ignorance towards truth
  • composition towards beauty
  • neediness towards fullness
  • deficiency towards goodness
  • struggle towards harmony
  • fragmentation towards oneness
  • separation towards union
  • difficulty towards simplicity
  • injustice towards justice
  • lack towards fulfilment
  • poverty towards richness
  • rigidity towards playfulness
  • confusion towards clarity
  • fear towards trust
  • strain towards flow
  • conformity towards uniqueness
  • obscurity towards honesty
  • uncertainty towards certainty
  • doubt towards faith
  • dependency towards autonomy
  • sickness towards health
  • death to immortality
  • chaos towards creative and living order
  • lethargy to aliveness
  • dulness to enlightenment

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