… is a form of transformative breathing. We use a specific breathing technique within the context of distinctive reformative tools that are specific for the Integral Presence environment. It is obvious that this breathing style and breathwork are NOT to be adopted for normal, day to day breathing. They serve a transformative purpose.


Although BreathWork+ is NOT a regular breathing style, it can, however, liberate and improve the natural breathing cycle. Other purposes are:

  1. to increase the strength in life force,
  2. to deepen the transformation work to release
    • blockages of any nature (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, social),
    • fears,
    • negative beliefs,
    • resistance,
    • trauma, and
    • wounding
    • …, and
  3. to accelerate the enlightening journey towards Self realization.

BW+ breathing technique

In order to enter a breathing pattern that stimulates a liberating momentum, one of the tools offered is to breathe as follows:

  • Breathe through the mouth only and all the time
  • Use the diaphragm as the main muscle for breathing
  • Inhale deeply
  • Exhale quickly yet loosely, effortless, and gently
  • Connected breathing, that is to say no pause between inhale and exhale, nor between exhale and inhale.
  • We breathe mainly in the belly (90%) at the beginning.
  • Once it is acquired in the belly, the breath is taken to the heart, therefore in the rib cage. It is from there that we can feel that our respiratory system becomes efficient. The average person uses only 20% of their breathing capacity.

It is important to be comfortable in order to relax the physical body. The head supported by a cushion. You can breathe lying down or breathing high using 45° angle support for the back. Several positions are possible depending on the person’s breathing, physical comfort, and physical condition.

We breathe through the mouth to maximize the oxygen absorption (we take 6 times more O2 than through the nose).
We use the diaphragm which is the major muscle of our respiratory system, the other muscles are less needed when we use this way of breathing. It is important to relax the diaphragm which is a muscle that often holds tension.


The breathing style is inspired by what we call conscious breathing. This comes from a selection of different styles of connected breathing used as a tool for transformation. BW+ places this breathing style in the environment of expanded awareness of Integral Presence where in addition specific IP transformational tools are applied where useful.


As mentioned, BW+ is a tool and not a breathing style to use 24/24. However, when the technique is well integrated, it can be used very often. For instance, as soon as we feel an emotion that destabilizes us we can apply BW+ for a few minutes to welcome that emotion and come back to our center. Or when we confront a difficult situation we can activate BW+ for a moment in order to generate the inner strength to handle the situation.

Breathing with ease means that we get out of our own way and let the rhythm of our natural breath carry us, it’s just beautiful.
It allows us to integrate what is.

Specifically BW+

What is specific about IP Breathwork+ ?

The helper holds the space (IP) where the breath is already open and where a vibration of joy and love is already installed. The client can evolve and surrender into that space and acquire it for him/herself. In some way a lot of prelimanery work is already done by the IP achievements of the helper (years of practice, personnal process and evolution). The IP space the helper holds, provides the possibility for a lot of security, trust, oneness, safety, guidance, openess and a reference for the harmony of being. The space the helper holds is also the space that the helper brings to the session and the space that the client can nourish from and gradually acquire for oneself more and more. 

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