ES1 – 2013-2014 – Brussel’s healing training program

Some experiences of students enrolled in the long term healing training program “énergies subtiles” in Brussels (taught in French).


This training is very particular and for me its level is exceptional. The quality is visible on several levels: the “theoretical” education, the training for the facilitators and the learning of the energy healings approaching the subtle bodies. Moreover, the people remarkably attracted by this training are people who give to the group some strength in the understanding and learning of what is taught.

The mornings alternated Jan’s teaching of the transformation process either theoretical or in “live”. Jan’s facilitating processes on a demanding person from the group permitted us to better understand and integrate what he taught us at the theoretical level, and even more!

He also taught by his example and his coherence (he walks the talk), by his fineness, his intelligence and his compassion for the others.

The trainer is important whatever the content of the training and in this case, everything is here… Again the quality of the group contributed as well; and this is probably because they are people willing to advance, ready to question themselves to evolve towards a better state of consciousness, even though they had to get through an uncomfortable process!

The lunches: moments of community, sharing, and, for some, moments of respite with giggles. I have never laughed that much during a training!

The afternoon practice of energy healings: demonstration given by the trainer and then we practice by exchanging. To give an energy healing and to receive one at each session was very important. First this probably contributed to improve my well-being since I received good healing sessions, then this brings confidence to give an energy healing. Our trainer by our side supports us in our progress or helps us when we get stuck in our doubts… There was in the room and between people a very particular atmosphere which for me was full of love and compassion (like in the morning, during the individual processes, but the afternoon with mostly the softness while in the morning the other’s tensions or pain could also be around).

These energy healings also permitted me to bond with each person on a deeper level.

Sharing in the end of the day… Sharing moment, what’s left to say 🙂

The time for each day was passing so quickly.

In short I found all that makes me want to continue this adventure: an incomparable trainer, an extraordinary content and a supportive group. All this for my highest good in this terrestrial adventure!

Translated from French into English by Hélène Déom

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