9. Group dynamics are …

The element “dynamics within constellations” or “group dynamics” is the practice of taking one of the previous elements “gestalt or contextual constellation” one step further. The latter consists of taking groups and constellations into existential awareness. The former is about taking the present moment occurring dynamics within the constellation into awareness. Taking group dynamics into awareness is not necessarily the same as directly interfering, manipulating or trying to control the dynamics. However the very practice of taking the dynamics into awareness has an inherent positive effect on the dynamics for several reasons.

The chosen commitment or the spontaneous response of using our conscious awareness to embrace a certain constellation and dedicate our open-hearted and panoramic sentience to all the visible and invisible dynamics that are operating in the constellation, delivers our contribution for

  1. placing it all in the Light of the Neutral Observer and
  2. opening the window (or channel) for the the harmonizing, uplifting, educating, enlightening, and healing infusion of the Higher Consciousness.
  3. In addition to this the IP practice invites us to comply with our heart’s intelligence in responding (acting or not acting) to the dynamics.

Through the art of this practice, it is our aligned presence and our intuitive (non-) interventions that sustain the highest possible evolution of the dynamics.

How this concretely works can take on million different forms. There is no one best way to go about it. The best possible approach is completely situational and present moment reality dependent. There does not exist one all-encompassing method that is applicable for all possible situation in all times. The creative heart-mind-gut’s intelligence of the present moment, which is nothing different than spontaneous inner truth, will probably provide for the best shot. And practicing IP sets us up for having access to that present moment original wisdom and empowers us to express it through action or being.

There are different possible ways of observing the dynamics in a constellation. Each of them has the potential to add expertise, precision, depth and power to the uplifting and harmonizing effect of Integral Presence on the group or constellation. However, a too strong identification with any method risks to empede the full emergence of Integral Presence. The combination of solid understanding of the method, skilfully applying the method and then letting go of the method seems to be most favorable to support the complete potential of Integral Presence that will embrace and transcend the method.

On of them is looking at it through the inclusion lens.

Another method is applying the basic laws of systemic constellations.

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