Positive discrimination

Positive discrimination is not a remedy for negative discrimination. Actually, there does not exist such a thing as positive discrimination. Because in a pool of people A plus people B, a positive discrimination of people A equals a negative discrimination of people B. 

Positive discrimination is supposed to repair injustice, but it doesn’t. It just shifts one injustice towards another injustice. The remedy of injustice is justice. The above logic disqualifies positive discrimination as a tool for justice. To me, fairness seems a much more direct tool for justice than positive discrimination. Much positive discrimination goes hidden behind the call for fairness, yet it behind that veil of fairness it stays positive discrimination and therefor the seed for a new unfairness and injustice. 

Yes, to fairness. Yes, to justice. I admit that fairness and justice are highly skillful exercises that demand love, intelligence, goodwill, wisdom, and belief in brotherhood. And brotherhood (sisterhood / sibling-hood) has the strongest foundation when there is a shared belief in a common Parenthood of One, benign, unifying, cosmic principle. 

I believe that there is no being in the universe that cares, or is even able to care more, for creation than the Creator.

I believe that there is no being in the universe more intelligent, pure and benign than the Creator. 

When I add up these two beliefs, then it is unthinkable for me to not give the Creator the first place in any advisory board or in any decision making management about important life matters like:

  • Justice
  • Politics
  • Ecology and environment
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Social cohesion
  • Science
  • Industry
  • Protection
  • Philosophy

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