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Energy healing sessions, Aquatic-Healing session, IP coaching sessions, live meditations, family & systemic constellations.


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I love …

Dancing! (the 5 rhythms), listening to and playing music, painting, learning and progressing on my own path of consciousness, adventure, looking at the sky, blue, pink, gray or full of stars, and everything related to creativity, human body, nature, human relationships and spirituality. Not to mention chocolate.

If a genie from a magic oil lamp granted me 3 wishes, I would choose …

For me: I’m going to keep it private 🙂 but it has to do with love …     

For the earth: I would wish for all animals to live a natural and peaceful life without human disturbance, for the forests to grow, expand and flourish, for the oceans to be clean with a normal PH, and for the corals to fare healthily.    

For human beings: I would wish for everyone to have a conscious access to a direct and inexhaustible source of love …  

I have the habit of painting my prayers … they are all here:

What I sing in the shower (or would like to sing) …

 I do not find the shower the ideal place to share my love of music, my handpan, my guitar and my didgeridoo prefer the sofa, so in the shower, I whisper my gratitude to the water in an apparent silence .  What I love and am learning to play on the sofa is New York City, by Sam Maher.

If I was stuck on a desert island I would like to have it with me …

The love of my life, and a sea turtle.

My personal journey …

J-Y Leloup explains that the path that leads us to consciousness is often a “numinous” moment, a moment of experience of pure presence. He explains that there are two types of numinous experiences: 

The first, of the “tearing type”: a collapse, an interior apocalypse which “tears” apart our perception of the usual world to reveal what exists beyond. Consciousness opens up in the intensity of suffering (physical or emotionnal). 

The second, in the order of transparency: presence is revealed through the transparency of a privileged moment, a moment of grace. 

At 21, I had a “tearing type” experience:  a dive into the emptiness at the heart of extreme physical and emotionnal suffering.  At the time, I experienced this as an inner collapse, accompanied by an almost complete loss of my physical energy.  Unable to “do” I could only “be”. 

It lasted 2 years .

The sky was my only certainty, it was always there, always beautiful and always changing… 

I learned much later that it is actually called an awakening experience …  For which I was absolutely not prepared. 

This long pause ended when in my multiple researches, I ended up for the first time going to a healer.  This time was for me a numinous experience of the “transparency type”, a moment filled with grace and presence where everything was clear.  She had opened my eyes to another world. A world beyond the visible, which gave meaning to what I was experiencing. A bigger world, where anything is possible. 

I left with a certainty: this gift she had given me, I wanted to give it to others. 

And this time, I consciously began to walk the path of transformation …

  It was through these magical moments, these moments of grace, of pure presence that I let myself be guided on my way.  One of those moments was the meeting with Jan, which continues today.

 Beyond all the techniques, I realised that it is the quality of the therapist’s presence that “heals”.


Degree in artistic studies, comics-graphic novels, ESA St Luc Bxl

IBK certified applied kinesiology practitioner – intensive 2-year training

IBK transactional analysis training – 3 years 

Family & system constellator certified by Jacqueline Goossens and accredited by Cofasy – 3 years 

Trained in constellations in hot pools by Jacqueline Gossens – 1 year 

Certified and accredited in the subtle energies by Jan Janssen – 4 years

 Life path in subtle Energies for 6 years 

In training in Aquatic Healing since 3 years

My personal motto …

Everything is always possible.

My relation to Integral Presence …

One of the magical moments of transparency I mentioned above was the reading of Barbara Brennan’s books …  I was already imagining how to go and take lessons in the United States, when I came across a workshop at Tetra’s in Brussels, which bore the name of the book …

 It was Jan, and it was in 2012 or 2013 …

 Listening to Jan, it was as if the wisdom that I had always felt inside of me was finally translated into words.  I started the ES training in 2014 and I haven’t stopped since … 

I understood that it is a life practice much more than a simple training.  I made his teaching my job, my passion, and the pillar on which my life is based. 

I have practiced energy healing as a profession since 2017. I no longer count the number of healings I have given…  I also no longer count the number of healings I have received … One of the things that brings me most happiness is continuing my own personal work.

 I have also meditated weekly with Jan since 2014, and together we have created the online meditation page. Making his teaching available to as many people as possible is close to my heart, and I feel very involved in this project.

 Currently, I am training in Aquatic-Healing with Jan, to bring this magnificent work also to this amazing element that is water …

Integral Presence in my daily life… 

Integral presence has become an integral part of my life.  At the same time, I am fortunate and challenged to be an ultra-sensitive person.  For me to maintain good health, this requires a particular lifestyle… which in fact corresponds exactly to what IP offers.  In fact, I have no choice, my ultra-sensitivity forces me to meditate every day and be as aligned as possible throughout the day … and night.  My body is a unfailing indicator that constantly tells me if I am aligned with myself and my path, or not.  It’s also wonderful to use this tool to help others who are not fortunate, or challenged, to have such a clear indicator.

What fascinates me about Integral Presence… 

I like the fact that it is an extremely gentle and at the same time extremely powerful practice.  What I appreciate most in integral presence is that there is no limit to the deepening of your exploration of it.

I love adventure and exploring uncharted lands … With IP I have a map that always takes me a step further into the unknown. 

The element of integral presence that I have integrated the most and which has become an intuitive reflex for me is alignment. I’m lucky to feel it physically, and being aligned automatically gives me a feeling of well-being … Well-being is instinctive, so alignment also is for me. 

Imagine you have a compass that always shows you the right path to take in your life?  that is my physical body and my ultra-sensitivity. 

Imagine you have a compass that always brings the right path to you? all you have to do is hold the compass …  that’s alignment … 

Relational cords is the element that I find most magical and most exciting in IP.  Being able to feel the cords in our relationships in a tangible way, and feeling everything that circulates in them creates a revolution in our approach to life. Being able to feel the connection with a person who is not physically present, or no more physically present … has been one of the most important healing of my life.

What IP can offer to clients ?

Well, as it transformed my life, it is from this transforming experience that I want to share, hoping that it brings you as much happiness and joy as it did for me.

Why I offer it …

Because this is one of the things that brings me the most happiness, that it is the meaning of my life, and that it is my way of bringing healing and love to the world and to the planet.

What my clients say about me …


“Hello Laurie,  I wanted to get back to you and thank you. I woke up surprisingly serene and no more oppressed at all this morning, quite “light” even. As if a big and old abscess had burst open yesterday. First, the fact that you told me clearly that my energetic feeling was very real, and therefore valid (even if, in the material world of things, I could not point anything dissonant).  And, from there, that I had to trust this feeling and protect myself from bad environments without needing anyone’s permission.  But there was also, and above all certainly, your energy work (even if you keep saying that you don’t “do a lot” ;-)) “

“Pure convention and influenced by the subjective view of each of us, the words can sometimes not be precise and unequivocal. Even more, emotions and feelings can be experienced and felt in so many different ways; that’s why I opt for an illustrated metaphor to explain what my meeting with Mrs. Lardinois has changed and its contribution in my daily life:

A narcissus bulb unearthed for one reason or another, lost in the bottom of a box in the cellar. It goes from one place to another according to the movements and wishes of the people who take it in hand. Ms. Lardinois sees, listens and guesses his needs, his feelings and takes it in her hands to gently place it into the earth. Some time later, a magnificent narcissus flower full of color and joy bloomed and radiated. What happens in the earth, remain mysterious, but what is visible is the flower, its radiance and above all its transformation. This cannot be explained.

To survive or to live fully? The wishes of the people around us, the experiences, the stress, the society in which we live affect us and our being. It is essential to return to the very essence of the matter. Since I saw Mme Lardinois, I have experienced certain situations differently, I have understood certain emotions. She is magic. I can’t find words to thank you, so simply, I say thank you! “

“I met Laurie a year and a half ago by accident after a friend talked to me about energy healing. I was very anxious and I constantly reproduced the same relational patterns at all levels (family, love, work). During my first treatment, we discussed a good half hour, then I lied down on the table where Laurie started the healing. She was able to tell me about injuries from my past without me mentioning it, just by touching me on specific points. I came out amazed, I felt dizzy for a few days but I felt really better and much more Zen. I did a second treatment a few months later and I had the same effect. A year later, here I am back, and knowing what is going to happen, I am even more open than the first times. Laurie really frees up the knots and ties of the past that no longer need to be and that prevent us from moving forward. She has golden hands. Do not be surprised if you feel a little disoriented for a few days, the rebalancing of energies can have this effect. I highly recommend you come and try it out. I do not regret having taken the step 1 1/2 years ago, I feel so much better, so reconnected to who I am and not what I should be, THANK YOU”

What I don’t normally say about myself …

I hesitated, but if I don’t say it normally, I think it’s by wisdom, so I prefer to stay wise ?

What my colleagues say about me …

I think the word “gentle” is the one I hear most.

 Some spontaneous testimonies that I received from them by sharing my work with them: 

“Know, Laurie, that your work and your radiance delight me; I appreciate the gentleness and simplicity of the meditations that you guide. Joy! ”

“Thank you for yesterday’s meditation. I really enjoyed this moment. You have a very soft, calm and delicate voice and presence. It’s very nice … ” 

“You are a constellator whose guidance and energy to accompany the constellation are harmoniously shared between the feminine (gentleness and welcoming of what is coming) and the masculine (setting in motion, advancing, inviting to move and respecting the framework)” 

“What you gave us to experience, really touched me a lot by the depth and the intensity of what was going on: thank you for your considerate guidance and your presence; what an experience and a great gift you gave us !”

My rates …

60euro / 1h15 session

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