ES2 – 2013-2014 – Brussel’s healing training program

Christine Huon

Hello Jan,

At first I put your feedback request on the side.  I needed some rest, a break regarding the training and now I’m ready  to reply.

The experience that I lived in the training of subtle energies is a lot more centered on a deep work of me than on a help to others by some energy healings.  I even want to say, a work of my soul, or rather of the relationship between my soul and my personality.  A work not of connection, it already existed, but of unification which permitted me to be more free and real in my life.  To take off the masks in fact.  Since what I show of myself now corresponds more to who I am.
It’s basically a stronger contact with myself and with the Life, the Universe.  As well as more strength in the centering, more strength of groundedness.
These changes then influence my life in general, so also my work with the others.  But I feel more the training at the level of a change of Being rather than a learning of techniques (even though that is there as well).
The work in energy healings with the hands, which was my primary aim, became secondary.

Daily, I live more in the present.
I am a lot more listening to myself, to what exists, to what tends to be.

What I would need would be some exchanges of ideas, beliefs, experiences, visions regarding subtle energies, especially bigger strengths than us “little man”.
I read, I question, it gives me ideas, but I have the tendency to feel alone versus all that, I would need some oral testimony, hear others to share their experiences.
To become conscious of this need and to talk about it reconnects me to the energy of the group and eliminates already this feeling of loneliness concerning the topic.  Perhaps I could connect myself to this energy of the group by moments in order to not feel this isolation.

What I would like to deepen is my connection with some aspects of these strengths of the universe.
The duality, the strengths of good and bad, the dark and light energies.  The understanding of the connection to these energies, of the creation of our life.
As the outside is the image of the inside, is it by lighting up the inside that we attract lighter things in our life?
Also, what is going on when we live some intense shocks?  We talked about the “soul recovery” and I lived an energy healing in which I really felt that my client had lost a part of her and that I was reconnecting her to that part.  Is the soul fragmenting in case of shock?  When after a trauma we live the events very stressing and we have the impression that a part of the self leaves for “somewhere else”, goes away, does an energetic part really leaves the body and comes back when we found the security back?
There is the individual soul.  Can we talk about the soul of a family regarding the fact that the information is transmitted in the clan?
When a person dies, the soul leaves the body.  We still can have a contact with the energy of this person (in the familial constellations for example), is it by connection with the soul? Is it in connection with the information that conveys the family?
The training wakens in me lots of questions.

The value the group brought to me is so huge that I want to exercise my work as a therapist in the groups of personal development on longer term.
The energy of the group which frees so much strength and the feeling of confidence which sets up and permits to loosen the fences are precious motors to advance in this path of transformation.  The group is very supporting with its kindness as well.

With what did I enriched the group?  With authenticity, I guess.  To have been able to show myself how I am and how I live the things that happens to me, to have been able to talk about it, to have been able to get through collapse towards acceptance…

The first year brought me more mindfulness and centering.
The second opened me to even more, enlarged my vision by turning me to the inside.  To accept “what is”.  To bow face to the universe.  To connect meto a larger plan of my life. To have more faith.

Here are my answers to the questions.
And here I am ready to start the third year.  This mail gets me into it someway, in any ways it makes me want to do so, it gets me ‘hungry’

See you very soon,

 Translated from French into English by Hélène Déom

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