ES2 – 2013-2014 – Brussel’s healing training program

Pierre Balancier

Hello Jan,
Here is my answer.
I didn’t surgically analyse the training by answering each theme separately. Instead I give you my general impressions.
My opinion on the second year is very positive, just like the first one. I particularly appreciated this combination of work on the self by the mindfulness and the processes and the techniques of energy healings. I think I improved quite well in both directions. This meets fully my personal aims. I see that I’m progressing on my path, even though I am aware of the improvement that remains to do and I note, by the comments of the clients, that the energy healings I give respond well to the clients’ expectations.
My daily life changed: I can’t live without my daily energetical practice, even though I have a difficulty to force a daily discipline.
For me, the more we advance, the more the group is essential to my own progress. It became clear to me that the progress of each member was serving to all.
If I have a desiderata it would be that one or twice a year, you take time to give a qualitative appreciation on the energy healings I give. I know that you are very careful about this, but this is my wish.
You can, clearly, use my testimony.

Happy holidays.
See you later.


 Translated from French into English by Hélène Déom

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