Gender reconciliation

This week I have something to celebrate.

There is a small history preceding my celebration:

In 2011, while still more externally active in the men’s support movement and while doing a training in family constellations, and after a learning confrontation with an ‘equal rights’ department, I had this insight about gender equality from a systemic perspective.

I have been surprised ? how these simple statements have encountered so much resistance or disdain when I forwarded them in situations where the topic was active, not even hot.

Last Tuesday, during a supervision session with students with mixed levels of Integral Presence experience (from 1 to 6 years) I could accompany a small gender constellation for humanity where the first three statements could be integrated and the 4th statement could find a start of a healing process.

I have been waiting for more then 8 years for such a manifestation. And the day before yesterday I had a small glimpse of what a healing process these Essential awarenesses could provoke for humanity.

It is a small step, yet I find deep satisfaction and immense hope in this small step . Hence my celebration.

Inspired by gratitude I’m copying the gender reconciliation statements from my personal website into this website.

With love ❤

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