Fields of coexistence

We are all born and we are all living in a certain multilayered context. Each element and layer of context represents a certain field of consciousness. Certain of these fields affect us more than others depending on many individual and situational factors. The individual factors are our biological, karmic and psychic constitution. The situational factors are the circumstances and conditions in which we are born and in which we are living.

Fields of coexistence is first of all the gradual progression of IP-7 awareness: a wakefulness about the different spheres of consciousness in which we live and operate. The next ascent is inviting more and more enlightening, and thus transcendent consciousness, into this IP-7 awareness.

Clarifying the personal mandala is one very effective of numerous approaches to achieve this transcending awareness. In our personal mandala we can explore, clarify, repair (if necessary), order, expand, and transcend our connectedness to our living context. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the possible elements of contextual exploration:

  • family of origin
  • spouse, partner
  • current family
  • housing
  • friends / peer group
  • education group
  • community
  • interest group
  • schools
  • curriculum
  • employment
  • expertise
  • carreer
  • language
  • culture
  • religion
  • environment
  • institutions
  • ideology
  • government
  • country
  • global movements
  • humanity
  • future generations
  • planet earth
  • our species
  • all life on the planet
  • universe
  • Life
  • Existence
  • Creation

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