The art of Individuation Point attunement

This part of the alignment activates creativity, genius, universal love, inspiration, guidance, and a higher vision for our lives. It invites the higher consciousness into our thoughts, choices, and actions and this makes our life migrate automatically towards the most beautiful potential we can live as a human being.

Individuation is the psychic process by which one becomes himself / herself: indivisibly, uniquely, a monad, in the words of Jung: the one who one is supposed to be. It is about the realization of the Self.
 “Individuation” derives from the Latin word “INDIVIDUUS” that translates as “which cannot be divided”.

Every human being is unique yet confronted with inner dualities. To remedy these inner conflicts, alignment is essential. A good alignment consists of an axis made up of four aspects: the point of individuation, the soul gate, the center, and the grounding in the earth.

A proper alignment connects Spirit, Soul, and Being. This is how alignment contributes to the unification of the person.

The Spirit is by nature unified. The point of individuation constitutes its entrance hall. Since it “cannot be divided” one might even call it the unification point.

Complete alignment allows the light of Source to flow from the point of individuation through the entire axis of alignment. It awakens an inner truth that overcomes our dual false beliefs. Positive alignment anchors us in a choice for the unitive state. It rises us above the inner or outer challenges that are hindering us to do so. Positive intentions will manifest in al our choices that are motivated by goodness, beauty, truth, integrity, courage, love, harmony, and joy. Positive alignment generates a unification with one’s own whole being and it holds a unitive consciousness in all interactions with others. Positive alignment gives leeway for Life to Flow naturally and fully.   

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